Enjoy every bit of a college life


Well! They say school and college life should be enjoyed the most because they never come back. The carefree attitude, the best of friends around, the pranks, the classes you bunk, the canteen food, every single thing creates a memory for a lifetime. I keep telling my college stories to everyone and feel nostalgic every time and also feel like it was just yesterday. I was a little unlucky, as I studied in an all-girls college, but nevertheless life with friends was awesome.

So, while in school itself, our teachers used to tell us that, after school college is your last chance to enjoy your life, post which you will not get time for all the fun and they used to tell us about their college stories. So, our first day of college was all about new environment and we were awestruck with everything in there. People were so carefree and sitting and chatting, laughing and enjoying. I thought is this what they do in college? And Man! I was super excited to live a new life after the disciplined and strict school life. First few days went by observing and adapting this new change. Most of my friends from school were in the same college, so our friendship continued.

In our first year, we never used to go to class at all. Bunking classes and going around the town in our bikes, trying some street foods, or just loitering around some of the posh areas, or sitting under a tree and talking about ghosts and sharing some spooky stories, we tried all the crazy stuff.

So, it was a usual day and as usual, we met at the campus and decided to try something different today. And so, we decided to visit a haunted house just near our campus. I was the weak hearted person of the lot and I was dead against doing such stuff. I mean, c’mon talking about ghosts and all is still fine but going to a haunted house which is really considered to be haunted is a very risky affair. Nevertheless, after lot of convincing and my friends telling we all will be together all the time, I thought let’s get it over and done. So, we all went near the gate and I was not feeling right. The road outside is quite a busy road and our college was just a block away. So, a group of 5 crazy girls, who decided to do the craziest thing and here we were in pursuit of adventure. Everyone was scared but still gave confidence to others. Just like shown in a horror movie, we opened the gate and the squeaky sound welcomed us inside. Holding hands, we headed further. I was in the verge of peeing in my pants. Going further, the house was almost dilapidated, with no doors and windows were half broken, walls were falling apart, the ceiling was also in the verge of falling and looking up, you can feel that the ceiling will fall on you. We entered inside, just like movies, there were spider webs all over. Some weird sounds could be heard. And then the unexpected happened. Watching carefully, we heard footsteps from the other side of the room and it was real. We saw each other and fear was written all over our face in bold letters. The sound started coming closer. I wanted to run away but Still holding up to our lives, we stayed put. Then as the sound was getting closer, we could hold no longer and we ran out with all our might screaming on top of our lungs. And while running we could hear the sound of a man calling us to come back. But not even looking back, we ran and stopped only inside our college campus.

We still don’t know what that man was doing inside that haunted house and can’t imagine what would have happened if we stayed there any longer. But thinking about it still brings Goosebumps. Coming back home, I was down with high fever and was even scared to go to college. Those days we didn’t had mobile phones to check on my friends but, later I found out that even they didn’t come to college for a week because of fever. After this incident, we never ever tried adventures however other crazy stuffs were still on, but thinking about that day, we still laugh on how things turned up. Of course, it was quite a memorable incident which still scares me. Thinking about What if that man was a real ghost? He would have eaten us raw and no one would know where our bodies have vanished. Nevertheless, we learned our lesson.


Let the dream of Digital India come true with Bose

In today’s day and age, where technology has become an integral part of our lives, people are looking for more and more advanced technologies to communicate with the world. So, telecommunication has become a necessity with not just sending receiving calls or texts, but multi-tasking. I reminisce, there was a time, when having a basic phone was a big deal, in which incoming and outgoing calls was suffice. But now, right from paying bills, taking HD pictures, tracking your fitness regime, any and everything is possible with these smartphones.

Music, again is peoples’ one of many choices in a smart phone. But the wired earphones or headphones becomes a pain. The default earphones that comes with the phone doesn’t have a smart feature which might be a hitch in the advanced features that these smartphone companies promise to deliver.

And so, to make life easier, Bose has come up with a futuristic technology, Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II. As we all know that, any smart phone comes with a default earphone which is just in sync with your existing phone. But, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II is compatible to both Android and IOS.

Let’s look at the features of this:

  1. Wireless: Now, as the name suggests, it’s a wireless headphone, which means you can connect easily to your device via Bluetooth or NFC pairing and that’s it, you are done. So no more hassle of wires. Moreover, they give you 20 hours of wireless listening per charge. It is compatible to other apps like Skype or FaceTime.
  2. Integrates Google’s virtual private assistant: Bose leads the market as the first ever audio headphone manufacturer who has integrated Google’s virtual private assistant into the headphones’ features. So, the multi-function button provides access to your mobile’s default virtual assistant, like Siri for IOS users. With a microphone, which is included in the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, you can play music, manage calls, or messages and other tasks – all with your voice, so you don’t have to disconnect the device to do the above.
  3. Volume Optimized EQ: It gives you balanced audio performance at any volume along with a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system which offers clearer calls, even in noisy environments or backgrounds.
  4. Lightweight and comfortable: They are designed with premium materials which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  5. Bose Connect: The Bose connect app helps you to set the preferred level of noise cancellation, unlock more features and access future updates.
  6. Battery life: As already mentioned above, it gives you 20 hours of non-stop listening per charge. Post that, a 15-minute charge will give you additional 2.5 hours.


Additionally, the cable included let’s you plug in and keep the music playing at the same time. Right now, black and silver is available. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II now. This is a breakthrough in the digital world and every small step towards digitalization, will fulfil the dream of digital India.

Are you a vegetarian



Ever since my childhood I have always been asked the same old question whether I am a vegetarian and believe me asking it is still fine but the hidden sarcasm annoys the hell out of me. And every time I have to keep a fake smile and tell them that I am which I am very proud of. To top it all, some people are like, you can try it ones, there is nothing wrong in trying. I mean seriously guys? Do you not understand the word vegetarian or do u want to throw the bloody sarcasm on my face every time? And there are again some people who would come up with some shitty lectures on how we don’t get the required protein and stuff and that is why we are so unhealthy. So what? as long as we are surviving, you don’t have to show your concern.

SO, there was this colleague of mine, who really could not survive without non-veg and with every bite she would just keep praising how good it is. Believe me even the ones who eat non –veg would get annoyed with her constant boasting or her greed for non-veg, as if this is the end of the world and she would just eat anything and everything living. And on top of that she would make a weird face right on me when I tell her that I don’t eat non-veg. I fail to understand, why it is such a big deal. It is an individual’s prerogative and choice. As a mother, I try to imbibe the same values to my daughter, which is not at all wrong. In this too some people will come with their expert comment, “How can you not let your daughter eat egg, they need all the proteins at this age.” Thank you, I didn’t know that my daughter needs proteins and vitamins, and now someone unimportant has to come and tell you.

I would never give such mean comments on them or their kids, so who gave you the right to do so?

This is the time when, people have become health freaks and even the hardcore non-vegetarians are turning into pure vegetarians or vegans, for that matter. So, we don’t have to give explanations to unimportant people as to why we are vegetarians or vegans. It is a choice of an individual, just like we don’t judge you, even when you are hogging on every animal. Please spare us as well.

Disclaimer: This post is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments, but to let some people know, how it feels to hurt our sentiments


Goodbye old gadgets

Buying a new gadget is always quite exciting and first few days or months, in our case, we tend to just use it like a baby, handing with utmost care. And then as soon as it’s 1 year old, we think of selling it off or getting rid of it. Actually, its not even our mistake. Technology has become so advanced these days that, every other day new phone launches with better features and specifications to woo the customers. So as soon as a new or better phone or laptop is launched, people flock to the stores to grab hold of it first. And this is a story of every individual who may or may not be a gadget freak.
Well! In my case, the story is quite funny. My husband is an insane gadget freak, if I may say so. Whenever I see him, he would be researching or browsing about gadgets, newly launched mobile or laptops or any other gadget. He is very well aware of the makret price, features, technology and specifications which is a result of his constant research. Enough of me boasting about my husband, but the crux of the matter is, he puts on so much time and effort researching on these gadgets before buying them, that he can’t get rid of them soon. I, on the other hand, am completely opposite, I get bored with the gadgets too soon .
So, I had this laptop of samsung, which we bought some 4 years back, and it was doing a decent job. But when you go to these shops and see these sleek sparkling laptops on the display, you just want to buy them. So everytime, I would suggest my husband, let’s get rid of it already, it has served it’s purpose more than the expected time. But he would say, when it will stop working completely, I will sell it off. SO here I was stuck with the laptop. SO even if a single keyboard wouldn’t work, I would run to him that it’s not working let’s sell it off, and he would repeat the same and so the story goes on and on. When finally he decided to do some research on laptops. I wasn’t very excited because I know his research takes more than the expected time sometimes months together. So when we go to any gadget store, he would always ask how much would they take for an old laptop, which is in very good condition, and the quotes we used to get was very depressing like 1000 bucks for a laptop which doesn’t have any problem at all? So we gave up on our desire to buy a new lappy until the old one gets sold out. Now my husband started searching for best deals onlne with best exchange rates, but in vain.

Then we came across Cashify which promises to sell your old gadgets in 60 seconds for cash, but it was too good to be true and so we weren’t too confident about trying it out. I told him, what’s the loss in trying, we will only sell once we get the amount in hand and so after constant nagging from my side, my husband finally gave in and we started off our process of selling. The steps were simple, As soon as we selected our laptop model, the best quotes were offered to us.Once we were satisfied with the price quoted or offered, mind you, which was far far better than any online apps has ever offered, we were offered a free pick up of the product and finally, as soon as the pickup was made, we were given the quoted amount in cash. You can always opt for other mode of payments, we preferred cash, because let’s be honest, we could not believe this would be so easy and so we wanted to be sure that it is reliable and whether they pay by cash as promised.

It was quite an amazing experience and easiest and fastest way so far. Also, they have awesome offers , where you can get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets with a coupon code CLEANCASH. So this is how, I said goodbye to my old gadget with ease #CleanUpCashOut. try it out guys, it’s awesomely simple and quick.

My memorable luxury stay

Have you ever imagined a holiday where you just don’t have to worry about the budget for the hotel or resort and just spend some quality time in one of the best star hotels or resorts? Well! I always do! And believe me, every time bloody budget comes to haunt us. The problem with middle class families is that everything that we plan and do, we have to look at the package which suits our budget. We usually don’t think beyond a home stay or a decent hotel. As long as it has a large bed and decent facilities and accommodates a family, its good enough to stay.

But my opinion of a resort or a hotel changed altogether with my first time experience in a luxury hotel. And believe me when I say this, my expectation has raised to a notch higher. Well this was the time when we had to move to Bangalore due to the job change. And as per any company policy, they provide accommodation for 15 days till the time you arrange for your own accommodation. Usually they arrange for some serviced apartment ,but due to some festival or something all the hotels and serviced apartment within their contract was occupied, but they promised they would do something. So when we finally landed in Bangalore , we were escorted to our hotel and we really didn’t know till we arrived that they had arranged for a star hotel and none other than The Le Meridien hotel. To say that we were shocked would be an understatement, we were completely awestruck.my jaw dropped looking at the beautiful architecture of the grand hotel, the beautiful and grandeur chandeliers which revealed the grandiosity of the place. The marble floor, the humongous rooms which would be equivalent to a standard house of middle class family.

Anyways, we had a time of our life those 15 days. Going to the spa, enjoying the pool side dinner, breakfast serving more than 20 varieties of foods, we felt like royals. The staff were well behaving, and very prompt service. My husband used to leave for office in the morning and I would enjoy the luxurious new life to the core, going to the spa, the gym, indoor shopping, enjoying the cocktail on the poolside. And once my husband would be back, he would have his leisure time enjoying the facilities.

But I must say, one has to have this luxurious experience at least once in a lifetime. Your opinion towards life would change altogether, and you would realise you are missing on all these luxuries to save few pennies in search of a budget hotel.

“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip“

An insight to quality education

Education these days is a blessing incognito. There were times when we have limited options of schools and colleges and so making a career decision was difficult. Back then, we just had two choices either to be an engineer or doctor, and if we didn’t qualify for either of them, then our fate is sealed as good for nothing by the so called “Society”. The reason could be many, lack of guidance, lack of the quality of education, or lack of options. But thankfully, now there is glut of options when it comes to a college which provides quality education and which makes learning fun.

When we say quality education, there are lot of things that comes into our mind, like the faculty, the facilities, and the mode of education. With people getting technology freaks, colleges have also advanced in technology and provide e- learning to students across.

Well I remember, some 10 years back itself, studying management from top B schools was the trend in the town and people would just Google and research about the best B schools and they had options too. And now, the options have doubled or rather multiplied. With every B school promising to provide the best education and placement.

Now what does this promising B schools provide which make them stand out and stand high from the herd?

  • It is the quality of education.
  • The curriculum they provide and the placement options after completion of your education.
  • It offers vast range of courses which is a stepping stone to success. They have multiple campuses across the globe and give an opportunity to study abroad.
  • Providing real time experiences, taking for a company tour and enhancing the decision making skills and many more.


And one such promising institution is the SP Jain School of global management.  I happen to go through their website for a cousin of mine and that compelled to write this blog. This business school has campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, each a regional capital and a great backdrop for business education. So this unique Tri city model is life changing and exclusive to SP Jain.

Another important aspect one looks for in a B school is the ranking. Where does the quality of education stand in the herd? Again SP Jain has been featured in the Forbes’ biennial rankings of the world’s top B-schools, for four years now. In 2013-14, it was ranked # 11 in the world.

Providing blended learning model, a modern and innovative form of course delivery that combines online with face- to -face and peer learning programmes, which includes simulations, group – work, real world case studies, and enabling students to relate to theoretical aspects of business to the practical challenges facing today’s global managers. It provides global exposure and offers executive learning programmes for working professionals.

So, all in all, your pursuit for the best B schools ends here. All you need to do is look for the above points which is, Ranking, quality, courses they offer or curriculum, learning model, so on and forth. And I guess more or less all the best B schools do have these. It sure keeps your vision clear, which B school to opt for once you have the above points in place.

Making learning fun makes the education fun and increases the quality with every student trying to give their 100 % in education and other activities making them future ready or making them ready to be the next big entrepreneur.

My love for fiction

When it comes to books, I m quite choosy, I look for a catchy title, and a great storyline, thriller combined with love story, with some twists here and there and a happy ending indeed. Basically I love fictions. Well! To tell you the truth, I was a completely different person some years back, and I used to hate books so much so that I had a personal hatred towards other geeky friends of mine. Dont know where this came from, but that was the truth. I used to hate when my friends used to talk about books and authors and used those highly professional vocabulary which a normal person like me could never understand. I used to feel, they are showing off and so I started ignoring these kinds of friends. But the problem was in me and not them. I still don’t know the reason, why I was so indifferent, but later I changed and for good.

I still remember, my very first book was of Sydney Sheldon, “If tomorrow comes” and that’s when I became a Sydney Sheldon book reader. And this very book too, I happen to start reading accidently, and I realized, books aren’t so bad and they aren’t our enemies either. Rather they are our best friends and a best way to pass time. Not that I am a complete bibliophile. But I do love reading whenever I get time.

It was a long train journey from Bangalore to my home town Jabalpur. Almost 2 days trip and I had my Mp3 player loaded with all the songs, latest, old, English, Rock, rap etc. I bought 3 magazines and I thought it would last for the 2 day trip and without getting too bored I’ll reach Jabalpur. But I was wrong, I finished the  whole magazine in 2 hours and listening to songs continuously brought headache which was unbearable and only after having 2 cups of coffee, it subsided. Now I was left with no option at all. Talking to fellow passengers was a strict no, as instructed by one and all. But still I did struck a conversation, a brief one though. Just then, I saw one guy selling some books, and this book caught my eye, I thought I will give it a try, as I had to pass time anyhow. Looking at the title, I was curious what this is all about. And as I started reading it kept me engaged throughout the journey. The thrills, the romance, the twists, it kind of keeps the chord connected. And my journey ended smoothly. In fact it lasted till my return journey back to Bangalore. I was a bit slow reader back then…

Since then, I have read quite a lot of book and mind you all fiction. This is how my love for fiction started. And now when my friends talk about books and authors, it doesn’t seem Greek and Latin to me, like it was back then. And now I have a long way to go, lot of books to read and let everyone know that books are indeed your best friend.