Guiding your child Choose a career path

Guiding your child Choose a career path


Teenage is the most clamorous part of your child’s life.  When we were a teen, we didn’t know what career path we would follow.  We dream or aspire to become a doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But today kids do not have an aim or even if they do they get easily influenced by their friends and they don’t know how they can do to realize their aspiration. A single wrong decision and they are miles away from their dream. So, it is important to help your child choose a right career and help them aim towards the same.

The career stage for a teen comes further but doing a proper research and guiding them, would make it easy for them once they reach that stage. When you guide your child to choose a career path, please follow some important points:

  1. Do not force your interest and ideas upon them.
  2. Always encourage them to take their decisions.
  3. If a child confesses his/her interest, don’t ever be negative and give your positive response.
  4. Help them research on the various career options and ask his opinion on each one.
  5. If possible take them to a career counselor.

Now, how can parents guide a child for the career path? Let’s point out some important things that can be done:

  1. Self assessment: First step to choosing a career path would be self assessment. Ask your child to jot down the things that interest them the most and also things which they dislike dong.  Assist them in choosing the subject of their interest.  Contact their teachers and ask them what your child is good at according to them and also compare with, what you think they are good at. And then ask them to jot down all the points and then discuss with them the career they may choose based on the self assessment.

2. Research the options: after you are sure what your child’s likes and dislikes are, it’s time to explore options available. DO some research and write down points which helps them choose their career and also the field they would be suitable for.  You can also go to the counselor and take their help based on the self assessment made by your child. Search on the internet on the companies, qualifications required and other important things.

3.       Help realizing their dreams:  once you and your child are in consent, it’s time to think how you can help them realize their dreams. Firstly, help them choose a university or institute which can help them in brushing up their skills further.  Have your child discuss the career options with advisers of the college they are considering to pursue. Ask a person to allow your child to observe a day of work in the specific field. Like if he/she wants to become a lawyer, take them to the court and let them observe how the work is done and if possible let them discuss their queries with the concerned person or lawyer. This practical experience will help them know the real world scenario.

Teach them to establish contacts and to create their resume. Always make it a point, every step that your child takes or decision they take you always have to stand beside and make them feel that they can realize their dreams and make them feel they have someone to guide if they go wrong somewhere. This will make them confident and more focused.



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