Social networking: A way to stay safe

When I was a tad, little did I know that being social is how important.  But, as I grew older, I heard people talking about social networking sites. And I would think, well it’s good to have sites for socializing. I heard people say, I am quite social you know, and I would find them spending half of their life online. To find out what exactly does social networking means, I explored the virtual world of social networking sites.

Having said that, I wasn’t an exception, and for the edification of my own social aspect, I also dived into the so called “social networking sites’. Then I realized, how addicted I am to these sites. Now I spend half of my life in “socializing“.

As a matter of fact, I actualized that being social is important, but not at the cost of your time spent on these sites.  In a way, it is imperative to build your networking which includes social as well as professional networks. But, the thumb rule is DO NOT share your personal information which can affect your personal or professional life.

It’s become a trend these days, to post each and everything in the social networking sites. In a way you are letting everyone know, where you are, what you are doing and so on. But, you are unaware of the fact that, though all are your friends, but some may turn as stalkers in your life. So be a little careful on these things. There should always be an edge on what you are posting on your social sites.

I would like to point out some important things on what can be done to avoid any complications:

  1. Never post anything which can sabotage your professional as well as personal image online. Because, this may bring you in a quandary. Impression once lost cannot be built back.
  2. You may say all your connections are naive, but never trust anyone blindly (which I tend to do).
  3. Do not be an open book for everyone. Never share your events online.
  4. Google your name and see how your name or identity exists online. There may be hackers who can use your name or identity to sabotage your image. So always to a frequent check on this. And even a slight doubt, delete you account permanently and if you want create another account by a nick name or something else. But not immediately, after some time.

Though, these are some points to be kept in mind, but I don’t say you should not socialize at all. You have to be a social animal in order to survive in this society. So just follow the above suggestions and always play safe and socialize.




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