Top Team building activities for a Corporate

After slogging whole year, it’s really important to have some refreshment with some communication and team building activities. For any corporate especially, team building is a cornerstone, because, you are just confined to your particular team or the team near you, you hardly get to know people in your organization. On the contrary, your job gets monotonous due to this. So to bring on some spice in your monotonous routine, you have to have some fun activities, which will help in your mental as well in physical exertion.

There are lot of event management companies, which can organize a proper team building activity in a given budget. But, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money and still want your employees to have fun, let’s point out some quick activities:

  • Untangle the Knot: I came across this game in one of the activities performed by my employer. All you have to do is:
    • Make a group of minimum 6 to max 40 people.
    • Make a circle
    • Ask each of them to raise their hands and hold the hands of any person from the circle, except the person immediate next to them.
    • Ask someone to supervise to see if all hands are held and no knot is left open.
    • Now, ask them to untangle the knot without breaking the circle.
    • If the circle is broken, you have to start over.

So this game helps in proper team building and problem solving and communication. This is really fun and you would enjoy this.

  • Musical chair: This is a very common game, but it helps in concentration. Again all you need to do is:
    • You would require again min 10-40 people. The more the people the more fun and confusing it would be.
    • You would require chairs like, if there are 20 people, take 19 chairs. One less chair, coz that’s the fun in the game.
    • Organize the chairs in a circle and ask everyone to stand in front of each chair, the extra person can stand anywhere in the circle.
    • Now the fun of the game is, you start the music, and ask everyone to walk fast with the music. And as soon as the music stops, you have to sit on the chair near you.
    • You can move forward but not backwards.
    • Anyone who misses the chair would be out.
    • Then remove another chair and start over again. Continue this till there is one chair and two people.
    • Whoever would be the first to sit on the last chair would be the winner.
  • On the spot skits: This activity helps to come out of your comfort zone, it helps in communication and team work.
    • Make some groups; each group should have 8-10 people.
    • You should have a goody bag with some chits in it.
    • Play passing the parcel with the music, whichever group has the goody bag at the stop of the music, should take one chit.
    • Whatever the chit contains, you have to perform a skit on that, you would get just 5-10 mins to prepare.
    • It’s more of an extempore.

SO, whichever group performs the best skit, would be the winner. Again this game helps in team work, it helps you think out of the box.

  1. Shape game: This is another interesting activity, like the Knot game.
  • Make a circle with again 10-20 people.
  • Hand them a rope, which everyone should hold high.
  • Now either blindfold them or ask them to close their eyes and holding the rope high and communicating with each other they can move inside the circle and make any shape.
  • Now open the blindfold and let them see what shape they have come up with.

SO, this also helps in interaction, trusting each other.

These are some quick and easy team building activities which can be performed by anyone. This not only helps employees to know each other but it helps stimulate their brain and refresh.

Trust me you would feel rejuvenating at the end of these games or activities. SO what are you waiting for, just try these and see the change in your employees after the activities

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