The Ultimate driving Experience

India is such an alluring country. Only did I realize the beauty when I visited Coorg. For those of you who don’t know where Coorg is, it falls under Kodagu district of Karnataka. It’s a hill station and the best part of this place is the Home stays there. Where you actually feel at home and relaxed.

This was back in 2010, when I visited this place which is just 5 hrs drive from Bangalore by road. When you are driving by road, it’s very beautiful; the scenic view itself is mesmerizing. The best time to start is early in the morning. You can enjoy the ride with the smooth roads.

SO, we started around 5.30 am. With some music at the background, and clicking each other’s photos, it was so far a decent ride. On our way we had breakfast at a restaurant. Loading ourselves with some delicious breakfast, off we started again towards our destination. I was gawking at the scenic beauty and was in my own dream world.

Anyways, after 5 hours of road journey, we reached our destination. It was a home stay which, when we saw in the internet looked pretty OK. But when we actually saw it, twas Beautiful!! The home stay was inside a dense forest, at least for me it looked like that, or a dense coffee plantation. You can hardly see any other house when you are inside. And I was already in love with the place. It had two tree houses and nice suite with 2 bedrooms.

As soon as we reached, they served us a welcome drink, Followed by some yummy lunch. The lunch was delicious. After stuffing ourselves to the core, next we had to go for sightseeing, but I was so in love with this place that I just wanted to stay here and enjoy the beauty. Anyways deciding unanimously, we thought of visiting some nearby places. By evening we were back. They served us coffee in the evening. Then we were all by ourselves, exploring the place, entering the dense coffee plantation. At night the place looks all creepy coz, you can only see trees all over.

Then, they lit the  bon fire and we already had a music system with us, so in the middle of the forest we played the music and were enjoying the bon fire, Though the bon fire wasn’t complimentary but we had to have one coz it becomes super cold at night.

Next day we had to check out, coz we had many places to visit. So with heavy heart and a promise to ourselves that we will visit again, we headed towards our next destination.

Though it was a very small trip, that one day I felt I was treated like a queen there. SO this trip was so far my ultimate driving experience. Post which I didn’t get time to visit again, but that is already in my hit list, next visit would be soon.
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