I wish she had a smart suraksha with her

Smart Suraksha is an App in Android which, at the tap of a button can reach to 5 people in your contact and it alerts them that you are in danger.

Crisis never informs you before coming. Same thing happened with one of my friend. Rita works in a Call centre, and working in a BPO means you have to work at night. They had a cab facility. But as per the rules, if a lady employee has to be picked first or dropped last, they have to send a security person or any male co employee to escort till her drop or pickup point.

So, it was early in the morning when her shift got over, around 6.00 am. Her drop point was the last, but no male employee volunteered to escort her and there was no security person in the cab. Everyone was  sleepy and no one thought that anything could happen as it was already day light and her drop was just 1 km away from the 2nd last drop.

Anyways, taking the advantage of the hour, the cab driver changed the route, when asked, he said “Maam, that route is closed due to some agitations in the city”. She could smell the danger but, her phone was running low on battery, and even if she makes a call her phone will be switched off. She asked the driver to stop the car or follow the normal route, but to her surprise he didn’t listen to her. By that time she was pretty sure that she was in danger but was helpless.

Then the driver cornered her to an isolated place and tried to molest her. She could not even scream because no one could hear her scream in that place. But, with all the courage left she kicked him on his sensitive area and managed to get out of the place, took a taxi and rushed to the police station.

Later she was so horrified that it took her quite some time to get over the incident.

I wish she had a smart suraksha with her. Even if your phone is running low on battery you can just tap a button and the danger alert reaches 5 people from your contact list you choose to be.

SO, I would suggest every woman that “Your safety is of utmost importance”. Only you would know the pang behind any incident that happens to you. People will come and just show some sympathy and go away, we women have to stand for each other.

SO to all the women out there, Please install the smart suraksha APP and be safe.

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