Changing a career: Must do things

I was browsing through some articles online and it piqued me to explore writing. They say” Grass is greener on the other side”, and it is so apt for me. I guess it’s natural though. A person is never satisfied with the work he/she does and they always want to explore other things in life. Or they regret choosing the wrong career. I understand it’s very difficult to get up early in the morning and drag yourself for a job you don’t really enjoy .But making something your career and jumping to a different field altogether, lot of things has to be kept in mind.

But if you have a clear picture of what career you want to choose and what are the requisitions, it would ease half of your work. Let’s mark out things before starting a new career:

  1. Find out the options: You cannot plunge into any career in haste. You have to think about the options you have in front of you based on your qualification. There could be a plethora of options available, but don’t get carried away and confused. Focus on what you think you excel in and opt for it.

2.  Upgrade yourself if required:  Based on what you have selected, just delve deep into it and find out what are the qualifications required. If necessary try to update yourself by learning new courses which would be a glace on the cake. Try to give yourself some time. Learn new courses and keep adding every course on your CV. Again, there is no hurry. It is nothing like once you have decided to change a field you have to jump immediately into a job. Take a break. Interviewer will always be glad to find that you are upgrading your skill sets.

   3.  Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. It’s not that you have to practice what you have learnt now and your work is done, Keep practicing always, there’s no age limit for practicing what you have learnt.

4.  Market research:  Simultaneously, do a market research to see what’s the value of the field you are opting for, How frequently jobs are posted, the companies interested in hiring people. Take your own time. No hurry.

5.  Build a network: Once you have decided on the career you are interested in, try to build a network. Go to professional sites, social networking sites and add the networks related to the field. Join the forums and discuss topics on your career. Join as many networks as you can, this would definitely help you in future.

  6.  Update your resume:  You don’t want you previous experiences and hard works go waste right? SO instead of preparing a new resume, update your resume with your new skill sets and you can always tell them the reason for a career change I am sure.

Note: Don’t take a decision if you are still unsure about the career you are planning to opt for. Give yourself good time to think and then decide on this. Remember too many hops in career, can be a hindrance in your growth.

But the best part is unlike earlier, where in order to choose a career you had to visit a counsellor, now you can do a lot of research in the internet and you can help yourself with the present fiasco.

SO, little things to follow and you can excel in your future endeavours.



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