How to deal with the office politics

Working in a company where you have commanding or domineering colleagues, you are likely to get exasperated. I had a similar experience with some of my previous employers. When I joined a company as a fresher, I was a novice and little did I know the corporate culture. I was taken aback by the type of culture they follow. The politics, the bitching, complaining, so on and so forth. Well, that’s the case with, I think, every corporate as well as government offices.

I think Office politics is played for people to survive in the organization to gain popularity. And for your personal benefit, you are bound to do that. Well I guess it has a negative connotation. But as long as it doesn’t affect your colleagues, it’s not negative .However, a politics whether office or general, does not benefit you without affecting your colleagues.

I wonder how people become so selfish that they would tamper your personal as well as professional image to move ahead. Well, for the edification of the people who suffer this type of politics, here are some ways to deal with it:

  1. Take a stand for yourself: You are bound to be ribbed, if you do not raise your voice and don’t stand for yourself. Don’t try to be coy, so you would have a good image, only those people survive, who has the power to raise their voice. If you think something isn’t right, just squeal in front of your colleagues, but in a professional manner. So the other person would get the message loud and clear that “Hey I am not going to take any shit”.

2.    Keep a track: Basically, you should keep a track of all the mails and the work you are doing, so they don’t target you. Targeting someone for their work is also part of politics. So always maintain your records, so when asked by the higher authority, the other person gets it back properly.

3.    Be polite and nice with them: You don’t have to scream at the top of your lungs to prove yourself right. When you are right, you know it. Just try to be as polite and nice as you can. This way you can put your point in front of others and they would respect you for this.

4.    Quitting is not a solution: Some people think, that this company has lot of dirty politics, I better quit. Then I should tell you, quitting is not at all a solution, because, every office has such type of politics, some have less some have even more. You cannot judge from outside.

5.     Learn tactics: Don’t learn to play those dirty politics, but learn the tact to deal with it. That means when you know you are being targeted or any of your friend is being targeted, try to ignore as much as you can. Because, dogs that bark doesn’t bite. Once they realize that you are unaffected by this dirty game, they would automatically back out.

Having said that, no one is an exception (employee, boss etc), so if you know the golden rule of dealing with this. You can manage to survive in any organization irrespective of the politics.



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