Short story: The compromise

The door was thwacking and the little girl, Sherry, just jumped out of fear. Well, she was expecting her mother, who went out of town for a day instructing her “Honey, I will be back by night, but you should not open the door for a stranger.”  She was 10 and cried to go along with her “I also want to come along mom, I can’t stay alone”.  How could she explain her why she can’t take her along?

Mary was a single parent; she was just 30 when she and her little daughter were left alone. Her husband was cheating on her and then one day he declared “I don’t want to live with you anymore, I love someone else”. And Mary’s world turned upside down. Post that, everyday she was living with a pang of the broken heart. She held her 10 months old angel and howled, for she was her only world now. For a moment she was dumbfounded. She sacrificed everything for her husband, her job, her parents, and here she was left all alone to face the world.

Little she could think of was, to go back to her previous job which she left almost 5 years back. She strolled to her laptop and sent a mail to her ex boss. Fingers crossed she was waiting for a positive response. At this point, she could not afford negative news in her life. As she just now faced one.

While waiting, she was fast asleep with her laptop still on. AT around 2.30 am, a mail notification came, she jumped from the bed. She was very sure, it was her boss and he had accepted her mail for the job. She opened the mail with a ray of hope. And as she read the mail her heart sank, the mail said “I would love to give you a job in your present situation, However, I wanted to confess that I always had a crush on you. So, you know what I mean. Let me know your decision by tomorrow and I will keep your Offer letter ready.”

That whole night she cried and cried for she was so helpless. Then she looked at her daughter and thought, I will do anything to raise my daughter .Next day, with all the courage she called her boss as planned.

That day, when the meeting was over, her boss backed out from his promise. That’s when she decided, Now that I have been forced  in this situation. I would continue to do this for my daughter’s sake.

Sherry would ask her mother “Mom why do you have to come so late every day, can’t you come early”. She would smile at her and say” this is what feeds us baby”. She was lost in that murky world, where she wanted to come out of it. Then looking at her daughter’s innocent face she would say. “I will earn so much that my daughter should never face this situation in her life”.

The Irony was, she was in abyss and could not come out of it, for she has her commitments. Just one compromise in life had brought her so far that she can’t turn back or imagine going back.


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