What I’ve learnt from life so far

Live is always a learning experience. At every walk of life you learn new things, some you absorb and some you just give up or leave behind. Some experience takes you to a triumph while some takes you to some sour memories.

I reminisce, and think, life has not been quite fair with me, when it comes to success, job personal life and many little things. But I am grateful for that, because, it had made me even stronger to face all the bearings in life.

Apparently, in every stage of life, I have learnt new things. When I was a little girl, I was very introvert on making friends. I had very limited friends. In school, I used to see everyone with a large group and I so wanted to join their group, but I had my self respect at that time as well and I would adhere to it. I would never go ahead and make friends. People who were nice to me were my friends. But as I grew older, I saw, the “large group” started splitting into many small groups. I learnt that friends who stay with you forever are the true ones; others are just temporary. They claim to be your friends. My mom used to tell me, you can judge a person as your true friend only at your hard times. That’s why they say “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. That’s the best thing I learnt.

Then As I grew older, I became too extrovert. Anyone and everyone were my friends and I would share each and every secret with them and trusted them blindly. Little did I know that some of them would stab you from behind? Then I learnt that you should not trust anyone and never reveal you life history to them, even if they are your best friends. There has to be a thin line and you should not allow anyone to cross that.

A little further in life, as I started working. I was quite rollicking and would enjoy my life. I was fun at my workplace and everyone would enjoy my company. But, to please everyone, I became less serious in my work and would be more involved in fun activities, which as usual affected my professional life. The result was I lost my job and my professional life has been very shaky since then. Sooner, I realized that I am no more in college and I have to be little more mature at my workplace, as everyone starts taking you for granted.

SO here I am a matured person, writing a blog about what I have learnt from life so far.  Every incident good or bad leaves a mark in your life and that teaches you a new facet of life. The learning doesn’t end here. Having said that, I am not a scholar though, but so far it has been a great learning experience. And I am looking forward to some more exciting experiences from life.



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