What to do if you are given a pink slip?

When a company has a turbulent economic situation, changes are prevalent in the organization. That’s the first sign to say that you can be handed over the pink slip any time. You cannot bank on your employer for a lifetime, so its better you prepare yourself for any such catastrophe

When you get a slight hint that your employer is preparing a list of employees to down size, its better you prepare yourself to face the disaster.

But getting laid off suddenly takes a toll. As you are broke mentally as well as financially. And you have to gain all the confidence back to start over again. Apparently, you are given a pink slip for no mistake of yours and you have to face the after effects.  Instead of cribbing for a lifetime, you have to face the situation and start afresh. Let’s see how one can deal with the layoff:

  • Worst case scenario: Don’t be too confident that your employer loves you a lot and it won’t lay you off. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Keep your resume up to date and start searching for jobs elsewhere, so if at all they ask you to leave you are not left unemployed.
  • Educate yourself: Keep probing the HR as to what benefits you will be entitled to if you are “laid off”. Whether you will get the experience letter and all the required documents, so that you can apply elsewhere. What is the settlement amount you will be entitled to? So on and so forth.
  • Job search assistance: Ideally, if you are laid off, some companies assist you with your job search. And help you get another job elsewhere. So, ask for your rights. There is no fault of yours and you don’t have to pay for it, the company has to help you with this.
  • Give yourself some time: Unless and until you have some family commitments, you don’t have to start over as soon as possible. Give yourself some time to come out of the past situation and refresh yourself and then start afresh. You will feel better at your new workplace with the past left behind.
  • Be extra cautious: Job security is very important for anyone. You can’t be kicked out every time an economic crisis arises. SO make sure in the near future whichever company you join, you have a job security. Make it very clear with the employer.

You can’t come back to normal every time you are ripped asunder. But always remember. This is not the end of life and it should go on. It’s better to be safe than sorry, SO just deal with this and you will always succeed in life.



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