Apps I can’t do without

To write about technology is an epic. With the emergence of smart phones, people have become too engaged in exploring the apps. And every other day an advanced version of smart phones are released, with advanced operating systems like jelly bean, ice-cream sandwich and many more yet to come. The apps are exemplary. You just can’t imagine how much I am addicted to it. My life revolves around this phone now. I have installed close 15 apps already.  At a peak I may reach a point of 30 apps in no time. The other day I was going through my phone to check, if I can uninstall some Apps. But to my surprise, I realized how important every app is to me and how I can’t do without them. On my home screen I have all the frequently used apps, like twitter, face book, whats App, play store and a few games. Theses apps are something which I peak into everyday. Apart from these, the major once are:

Maps: I am so very addicted to this app, that even if I know the route, I bank on this app. To explore an alternative route, I guess this is a very helpful app, because, if you are lost somewhere, you can easily find a way out. Also it has helped me in delving different routes and flinch my time to half.

GPS tracker: This is similar to Maps, but quite helpful to track where you are. I have synchronized my GPS tracker app with my family members, so wherever they go, I will be informed via message and vice- versa. This is not to spy someone, but it helps in many ways, if you think you are in danger, you can send an alert form GPS tracker app.

Swift Key: This is quite faster than the original Samsung keyboard. It helps in typing the message fast with just swiping the fingers on the letters you want to type.

Games: As already mentioned, my games are all in the front page. And I am so addicted to it that, at my free times, I am busy playing these games.

Whats App: This is a cross platform mobile messaging app, which is free of course, so one can use this unlimited. I converse with all my friends through this. Instead of calling, it’s easy for me to use whats App with the swift key to type fast and share everything.

Ever note: This helps keeping a note on the items like your travel list, your grocery list. This is an all in one app where you can put together everything at one place, like your notes, documents, images and web. I can even write my articles in this when I am outside and it will sync to my computer and other devices I use. When you are outside, you might want to take pictures and write something about it and you can’t wait to go home and write. Ever note helps in writing your ideas out.

SO these are the primary once I found out that I can’t live without. As I said I have to dabble with others to see how unimportant they are, but for me all are equally important and I can’t do without them.


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