How to deal with the attrition in the organization

Every organization has to face ups and downs. And the most difficult phase is to deal with the growing attrition rate. Having worked in the HR profession, it’s been quite difficult for me to deal with this. But when you try to put yourself in their shoes you realize how difficult it is to continue in an organization for whatever reasons. Why does attrition occur? Let’s figure out the reasons of attrition first:

  1. Stress: The most important reason could be stress. No employee would like to run philanthropy, by working day in and day out with peanuts paid. With the work load reaching to a cusp, an employee has no other option but to quit the organization. Stress in any organization is very excruciating which affects their professional as well as personal life.
  2. Growth factor: Any employee joins an organization for a growth in the long run. If that is not apparent, they are bound to leave the organization.
  3. Job security: If an organization down sizes employees frequently, the trust on them is bound to shake. Any employee would feel insecure on their part, for they never know when they will be thrown out. So instead of that, they decide it’s better to look out elsewhere where there is a guarantee on job security. No person will espouse for an organization which has a doubtful image.
  4. Politics: As mentioned in my earlier blogs, workplace politics could be a reason of attrition. Continuous bullying from the part of the employer or colleagues could tamper their self respect. And they might decide to take a sabbatical from the organization.

There are lot of other reasons of the increasing attrition rates, like salary issue, promotion issue and many more. But the gist is how to bring down the attrition rates. There could be many things an HR should consider in order to bring this down. We will go by the points mentioned above:

  • Reducing stress: As mentioned above, the workload and the stress could be the main reason. The first thing an employer should do is try to reduce the workload, by hiring some more employees so the work is distributed among them, hence reducing the  stress level to an extent. Other ways of reducing stress could be some refreshment from the work, team outing, fun activities in the organization. Diversity of the work can help in retaining the employees.
  • Growth plan: AN HR should implement a growth plan, so that deserving candidates are given equal opportunities to show their calibre and they get motivated to work much better and stay in the organization in the long run.
  • Assurance of the job security:  An employee feels secured if; he is assured of the job security. Try to maintain a transparent system where information is crystal clear to the whole staff, so they would know what’s going on in the organization. This brings in trust for the employer, hence compelling them to stay in the organization for long.


  • Accessibility: As discussed, the organization should be transparent andthe manager should be easily accessible to deal with any problems. Instead of maintaining a hierarchy; try to maintain a straight line, so anybody can discuss their problems with the higher management without any middle person. This helps in gaining trust from the employees hence getting a long term commitment from them.

We cannot make a person stay in the organization forever, but we can at least try to retain them for a longer period, so that the image of the organization is maintained and the employee also comes out with a smiling face instead of a cribbing baby. These are some important points, which help in retention of the employees hence reducing the attrition rate. All in all a successful organization is one, which helps in dealing with all the difficulties meticulously and satisfying the employees as well.


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