Handling employee grievances


Working in a diversified environment, having issues, rifts, and problems is mundane. However, it’s the Job of the HR to handle these issues effectively. And this is one of the most complicated challenges an HR has to face. It’s their duty to handle it with ease and meticulously.

Different traits of people work under one roof. So Differences of opinions and frictions are bound to happen. As per the HR policies, handling employee grievances is one of the most important point and it has a proper procedure altogether. So let’s point out some important ways to handle employee grievances:

  1. Be a good listener: If an employee comes to you with his/her issue. Try to be patient and listen very carefully. If half of your attention is somewhere else and then you ask him/her again and again to repeat, that is quite unprofessional from your side. Never Interrupt in between. Let him/her finish what they want to say.
  2. Be very polite: Talk to them very politely, being an HR that is one thing you have to always remember. Don’t ridicule anyone; they have come to you because they trust you. SO, respect their feelings and try to confabulate politely…
  3. Don’t be judgemental: Listen to both the parties carefully and patiently and don’t be biased with any one of them. If you face any difficulty, try to take the help of your colleagues or manager. But don’t be judgemental based on your point of view. You have to be fair to both the parties. Refrain from passing any comments until both the parties are finished.
  4. Try to be composed: Don’t become aggressive on any of the remarks made by the person. Instead try to be composed and try to explain the reasons and solutions in a nonchalant manner.
  5. Explain the policies again: It’s imperative that the employee should know the policy and the rules of the organization. And clearly tell them that rules cannot be changed for anyone whatsoever. And we will not tolerate any indiscipline in the organization.
  6. Expecting resolution: You have to understand that the employees are expecting a fair resolution of the issue from you. SO keep your point of view. Try to be persuasive and not argumentative. Difference of opinions might occur between you and the employee as well. SO with the mutual discussion with your manager, come to a fair trial or resolution of the issue.
  7. Gather Information:  In order to be fair in your decision, try to gather information and facts. Try to probe their colleagues and managers to dig into the issue. Make a note of all the facts about both the parties. Have a one on one with each and every employee to have a clear picture of the issue. Because different person has a different perception on the matter. So take everyone’s viewpoint.  Probe them to get the maximum out of them. And once you have gathered enough facts, discuss with your manager and come to a solution.
  8. Take your time: Quick resolution of any issue may lead to a long term grudges and rifts between the parties, so try to take a little extra time and unanimously decide on the solution, which will be beneficial for both the parties. That doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world and you keep the issue pending to resolve later. Give yourself a time frame of 1 week and after proper discussions and arguments come to a fair judgement.
  9. Prompt decision on some issues: If the issues is something related o physical abuse, harassment or any other issue which is not at all acceptable, take a decision then and there.

SO keeping all the above points in mind, you can always add your own way of handling issue, But in an unbiased manner. Remember do not bicker, rant or brawl. That is not the trait of an HR. An HR is portrayed as the most intellectual person in the organization, so try to be one.

Any mishandled grievances can leave a lifelong impact on the employees.

  • They might lose trust on the organization and the system.
  • If the issue is not resolved properly, that may lead to a serious fight at a later stage
  • You might lose a good employee.
  • Last but not the least; your image will be at stake.

Having said that, an HR is someone who should keep all the above things in mind and take a fair decision, which is favourable to both the parties so that there is no friction at a later stage.


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