The shopping spree

Yesterday I went to a mall and it was so full of people around, shopping, bargaining, and eating out. Weekend is the time of peak business for almost everyone. People like me, love to step out of the house in the weekends and shop around. In India, the trend of shopping has increased with the growing malls.

I remember, earlier, when I was a tad, we used to go shopping with parents only during the festivals or birthday or any special occasion. We had a limited budget allotted for everyone on every occasion. That time there weren’t any malls. We had to wander places and lanes to search for a dress which suits our budget. I used to crib a lot. But in a way, it was a very good experience as I got to learn how to bargain. Now with malls around we hardly go to any other places, because of the diversity; we get everything under one roof. And that has kind of made people like me lazy.

Anyways, as I was telling during the weekends, we can see event organizers, promoting their products with some games and fun activities to bring in the entertainment quotient and to attract people around.

Oh! You have flat 50% off on branded apparels and there you see, all the girls’ just jump into one another to shop crazily. But later I realized that the discounts t they offer, Is it really a discount. Last week when I went to the same shop I liked a dress but it was very costly, so I left it thinking anyways festival is coming and this time we will get discounts, and to my surprise, when I saw the same dress today thinking that it would be half the price because of the 50% discount, it was double the price.

So you see, they literally double the price and sell it in 50% discount, so that they are never in a loss. Now That I must say is a business tactics.

Then the “Buy one get one” pamphlets distributing everywhere. This, again, as I entered the store, I could see only a part of a corner had a sign of “Buy one get one”. That was something which was an old stock and which no one can buy. Now I realized that the offers that they announce are just to attract people in their shops and there are people who once enter into the shop, it’s their prestige issue, to come out of that shop empty handed. So the businessmen get a benefit from these types of people.

There are offers like, “Buy for Rs. 5000 and get Rs.100 off”. And people like me enter the store to save those 100 bucks. They shop crazily and wildly, just to get those 100 bucks off. And they end up more and just save Rs.100 in the whole bill amount.

So you see, my point is, it is so easy to fool people and get the maximum benefits.

By the way, my favourite place in a mall is the food court, the aroma of the different dishes from the restaurant nearby, makes you drool. This is a place, where people don’t compromise on their pockets, because after shopping for hours together, you should get some energy to fill yourself and go back again for shopping. JUST KIDDING! But on a serious note, even if they are given a leeway, they don’t really increase their prices to double, because, they have an ongoing business as People love to eat outside. But competition is apparent between them as well. So here also we can see offers to promote their business. But those offers are genuine, at least it looks like to me.

SO all in all, the shopping spree is so intense that people don’t think twice before they buy anything. And they don’t get a leeway as well to bargain in these places. So they have no other choice but to either leave it or buy crazily. The former is an option for men and the latter for women.

I wonder sometimes, will our kids ever experience the fun of actual shopping? By roaming in the streets going to different shops, bargaining, and then buying things in our budget. This way they would at least know how to bargain and how to control on your budget. But I guess, in no time that era would vanish altogether.


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