Heights of laziness

Its 1.00 AM in India and I am still far away from sleep. A very interesting thing happened today. I woke up in the morning with all enthusiasm that, I will write at least 2 blogs today. That was the minimum, which I haven’t reached yet. SO, as I woke up, I just read some articles, had coffee… Then I thought let me finish breakfast then will start. Then lunch preparation. After which I was tired to the core, to even think about a topic. But having committed to myself, I strolled towards my laptop. Was thinking and thinking, but nothing came to my mind. I thought maybe I should take some rest and then start afresh.

I tried doing that, and after a while back to my laptop, I was banging my head on the table, as I was blank on all the ideas and topics. This was quite annoying. I promised myself and couldn’t aver to my promise. And half of the time went cursing me. By the time I could write on something, my friend dropped in. We chatted for some time and then back I was to square one.

The laziness reached to a level where I curbed down my writing to one. Thinking, I would at least be able to finish one blog today. Forget finishing, I haven’t even started. Its dinner time, so I got busy preparing dinner. My husband came at 11.00 PM, we had dinner together and then wasted another hour chatting and watching TV.

Now at this point in time, I became so frustrated that I thought that I should share this experience today with you. Sometimes the laziness takes a toll. It’s like, we want to do something but someone is pulling you back. And I get so carried away that, I end up compromising on my priorities. And the result is right in front of you.


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