The festival Fair

Earlier in my previous blog I mentioned about the shopping spree, now it’s the festival time. In India, this is the time of revelry with festivals back to back. I love this time of the year, as everyone is busy, preparing special recipes for the Diwali festival, cleaning and painting the house.  I used to love the smell of the paints in our house. It is quite nostalgic, how we used to wait for this festival to come, waiting to wear our new attire, burning the crackers, visiting relatives, relishing the dishes.

I reminisce the time and still feel the memories so fresh. My mom used to prepare special items and we used to grab from the plate. How she used to spend half of the time in the kitchen to make us happy and prepare our favourite dishes. We used to enjoy helping her with little things.

Even now, the excitement of the festival is intact. We hit the roads for shopping, and every where there is bona fide triumph. They say this festival brings joy and happiness across. And that is lucid in people. There are exhibitions everywhere and people are in a shopping mood. You see offers everywhere, right from apparels shop, to food shop, electronic appliances etc. It’s a family get together everywhere, and that feels ecstatic. The candles and   lamps lit everywhere, the smell and sound of the crackers, the aroma of delicious dishes, and the children giggling and playing around. Everyone is in a great mood.

And experiencing all this, I feel proud to be born an Indian. AT least I got a chance to experience the varied culture here… Love my country and would always be grateful to God for showering his blessing on me by making me a part of this country where I live.


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