Its Pizza party today

I had a very long day today. With the festival coming forth, there are lot of chores to do. As I woke up in the morning, my husband gave me a homework, to book the tickets to visit my in -laws this festival. In India, the online railway booking system sucks and especially when you have to book a ticket a day before.

So I had to finish my work before I get into the booking business. But, I didn’t even start my work, for obvious reasons, as mentioned in my previous post “laziness”. At 10.00 A.M. I had to glue myself to the laptop to log in to the website. It was really annoying, as till 11.30 am my log in page didn’t load. The traffic at that time is so heavy that every time your log in fails. And when finally I logged into the page, all the tickets were booked and I was left empty handed. I was furious, irritated, sad and what not. All my plans to enjoy the festival with my parents and in-laws went in drain.

Anyways, we thought will try again tomorrow. It was 12.30 pm already so, we had brunch. My husband was off to work and I had stacks of work to complete, prepare snacks for the festival, washing clothes, cleaning the house.

It took 4 hrs for me to finish all my work. I didn’t realize that I have strained myself to the core and when I actually finished my work and tried to relax, I had a severe stomach ache. It was unbearable and I couldn’t get up from the bed. I somehow managed to make some coffee for myself and waited for the pain to subside. By 7.30 P.M, it was better than before, but I still didn’t have the stamina to prepare dinner. So when I told my husband, he said “don’t worry baby, will order Pizza today”. And my happiness knew no bounds. Because I was really tired, at the same time was feeling “lazy” And I wanted a break from all the chores I was preoccupied with since morning. SO, though unexpected, I had a pizza party today and feeling better now. : P.


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