Preparing a travel check list

Travelling is something which everyone loves, but when your travel date is nearing, you tend to feel nervous. Be it a long journey or a short one. Well With me both are the same as I pack my bags as if I am going to a dessert and am not going to get anything there. And I end up over-loading my bags even for a short trip. Half of the things I don’t even use during my travel. So my poor hubby has to carry the entire luggage. Again, that depends on what type of travel you are up to. If you are going to visit your relatives or friends, or if you have planned a vacation elsewhere, your packing and travelling list differs in both the cases. In either case, a proper list has to be prepared to make sure you don’t leave anything important.

  1. Don’t overload: As mentioned above, try to take only those stuff and clothes which you think are useful. Even clothes have to be packed as per the number of day’s trip you have planned. Stick a note on every dress allotting each dress on each day. This way you will not end up wearing repeated clothes, at the same time, you can use every dress you have packed. SO a planned packing of the luggage makes half your work easy
  2. First –aid kit: This is something which is very important. Though you might get everything elsewhere. But keeping a small kit will help you in case of small accidents (which mean cuts and wounds, or the usual pains.
  3. Camera, cell phones and chargers: camera is still fine, but make sure you don’t forget the cell phones and chargers. Because this is something a person can’t do without.
  4. Other useful stuff: Apart from the above, just check on what are the other stuffs like:
  • Tickets: which is very important
  • ID card
  • Visa and passport if you are travelling abroad
  • House keys and car keys

With this, you also have to check few basic things:

  1. Lock the house properly.
  2. Switch off all the lights and fans  or the main switch
  3. Discard any vegetables in your refrigerator, as this might leave the house stinky once you are back.
  4. Turn off the cylinder.
  5. Close all the doors of the house. If possible spray a room freshener and then close the house. So when you are back it won’t smell bad.
  6. Keep all the important documents and jewellery in the locker.
  7. Don’t give your keys to anyone.

Other than the above points, there are small things which have to be taken care of and the list is endless. So before embarking on your trip, make sure your list is checked. So that you enjoy your trip tension free. Bon Voyage and have a safe journey. Cheers


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