The post- vacation blues

Vacation is a priceless experience that we create and live with. We share out experiences with people and every time we narrate it, we go back to the time. I recently came back from a long vacation. It was a long needed vacation, because of the stressful days my husband was facing and hardly getting time for each other. But, the post vacation blues are even more depressing. We always feel that these vacations should never end. Because they are so full of life, freedom and enjoyment, and they totally refresh and transform you.

I love travelling and that is one reason I never want to come back from any vacation and it takes lot of time for me to come out of the blues. Having said that, I figured out some ways to come out of this and they, at least for me, is little helpful.

  1.  Connect with the world and share your experience: This is something which I am doing right now. Believe me, this really helps, because, when your share your experiences with the world, you re-live it. And that, in a way is refreshing again. This also helps people to know the review of the place. SO it’s informative as well and interesting to read. Share some pictures, not your personal ones though, but the common ones.
  2. Plan Another trip:  You can always plan another trip which will keep you engaged for some time. Look for next place which you can visit and explore things accordingly. This will help you come out of the present blues. It’s not mandatory that you have to implement the next plan though, but this will at least keep you happy for some time, till you come out of the present situation.
  3. Have clarity: It’s important that we have clarity in mind that, this is just a “vacation” and it has to end some day. With this clarity, it will be easy for you to come out of the blues. When we already have a mindset that this vacation is just temporary, you will never feel depressed; in fact you will cherish the memories forever.Image

I guess every vacation, creates a new memory and new happiness in our lives. And this little happiness’ together makes your life happy and fun filled. It’s always necessary we spend quality time with our family, either by going out on a vacation or at home. This way, they would feel special and you will also enjoy life to the fullest. Talking about blues, it comes and goes, so don’t let these blues and depressions affect your personal life as well as your health.


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