My dream Verses Reality

I’ve had a long standing passion towards a career in HR. Right from the time I could remember, I’ve had a dream to pursue a career in HR. To implement that dream to reality I pursued My Masters in this field.

There are times, when I was really shaky about my career. I used to get carried away with whatever people used to suggest or do. At one point I wanted to be a Pilot, and then next minute it changes. SO, I was never really sure, what career I will pursue in the near future. I would always vacillate between different career options I had in front of me.

Then finally, when I completed my Bachelors, I again got carried away, this time for good, by my friend and planned to go for a COMMON ENTRANCE TEST (CAT). Since, I dived into it; I had no option to go back again, after spending a lot of money on just the coaching class. I don’t remember when the last time I worked so hard. I had a goal, and for that I was working really well. Finally, I gave the exam and did scored average, so I could get into a descent Institute. And I did get a call letter from one of the good institutes in Bangalore. But, because of some financial commitments, I had to turn down the offer.

From that time, my bad luck started. I joined a college which was also a renowned institute, but only after 6 months, we got to know their affiliation got cancelled and all the students took back their enrollment. And, in the middle of a session, couldn’t get admission in any college. SO I had to pursue my masters through correspondence.

I’ve always been an average student throughout, Not very brilliant, at the same time not dumb. But, I was also very shy kind of person. I used to freak out when I had to face people in public. Or let me put it this way, I had stage fear. I was very well aware of the fact that, the career that I wanted to choose requires lot of interaction with groups and individuals.

Only after, my CAT coaching, did I come over this fear. Anyways, while I was pursuing my MBA through correspondence, I got a job as a recruiter. I was kind of happy that, I can slowly move into HR department. In no time did I realize that I am stuck in this and could not get into the job I wanted to be unless I have a proper experience in it.

Even now, I am trying hard to get into my dream job, but the reality is right in front, where I can either quit this or start afresh. For that as well, I would require a minimum experience. So really don’t know when I would be able to get into my dream job. But for now, I have to face the reality and keep trying.

Let’s see when luck will be in my favor.


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