How to decorate your new house in your Budget

How to decorate your new house in your Budget

When you put all your savings and hard earned money into a dream home, you are left with very little budget to decorate the same. But that stands a special place in your heart and you want to do as much possible for it to look complete. Apparently, decorating a house is another big expenditure. So, I am already in search for low budget decorations for my new house, which will look elegant as well as classy. SO I thought while searching, let me share some points which will be helpful for all. Let’s figure out how to decorate the entire house which suits our pocket:

  1. Refurbish old stuff: Instead of opting for brand new items, try to refurbish your old stuff at home and make the maximum use of the same. Try to give it an antique look since you are already renovating it. This will not be a burden in your pocket and it will also give a different look altogether.

2. Mix and match: Try to decorate the house as per the colour of the wall. Not necessarily the same colour, but mix and match always works and it gives a classy look

3. Furniture: If you are already broke, try to buy furniture which is all in one. These days lot f varieties on furniture’ are available. Peruse all of them and try to purchase a multipurpose one. Like a sofa cum bed, or a fold-able dining table. There are N numbers of varieties in the market. Select as per your budget and decorate accordingly.

4.      Decorate your showcase: Don’t buy extra items for your showcase. In fact decorate it with crockery, trophies and other items; it would look classy as well as simple. Don’t overload with items. It will look messy. At least, I feel so.

5.      Modular kitchens: I used to feel, Modular kitchens can only be seen in a rich man’s house. But, with people getting more involved in the decoration of the kitchens, modular is the need of an hour. So in this category also, you get different types of designs which suites your budget.

6.      Kids’ room: Again, decorating the kids’ room is hell of a task. Because, their demand always on sky high. They want everything according to their tastes. AT least I was like that when I was a kid. Don’t know how much they sacrificed for me. So, again, the room should be decorated as per the budget.

So, all in all a house is called a home, when it is filled with love and happiness. So all these decorations are secondary, first decorate your house with love and happiness. That is what counts and nothing else.


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