Smart Suraksha Tips for Women’s safety

When you are travelling alone in your city or any other city for that matter, it’s always important to be extra cautious and careful and keep a track on the roads the driver is following.

With the recent Incident in Hyderabad, where a techie was abducted in the middle of a crowded place and was driven to a lonely place and was gang raped, the safety of girls are at risk. For those who don’t know the incident, let me just put a light on it. Akansha (name changed) was waiting for the auto to her hostel. She stopped many auto rickshaws but, no one was ready to come because her hostel was nearby. After almost an hour of waiting, a cab stopped right in front of her. She thought it was a sharing cab and got into it. Apart from the driver there was another man beside the driver’s seat. Without a slight doubt she boarded the cab and asked them to drop to her place. The driver was pretending, as if he doesn’t know the route and kept on asking the passersby on the way. The girl didn’t get a slightest Idea to keep her GPS on and follow the route. After they reached the outskirts of the city, the girl realized that she has been abducted and it was too late as, they threatened and raped her.

So, you see, even if you are staying in the city for quite some time, you have to be very careful.   I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

  1. Smart suraksha App: Which already mentioned, is an app in Android, where you can send an alert to your contacts, in case you feel you are in danger.
  2. GPS tracker: This again is another app in Android, where your family members can always keep a track on where you are and in case of emergency, here also you can send an alert and they will know exactly where you are and can come forward for help.
  3. Self tracking: As soon as you board a cab or an auto, follow the route from your mobile, so if you find the driver is going the other way, you get alarmed and ask him to change the route or stop the cab. This way, you can at least get down in a crowded place rather than asking them to stop at an isolated place, giving them more scope to take the advantage of the hour.
  4. Keep your relatives and friends informed: when you board the cab, keep your friends or relatives informed about places you have reached frequently, so the driver gets the message loud and clear that, you are being tracked.
  5. Keep a pepper spray: This is very important, always keep a pepper spray always with you, so in case of any such trouble, you can get out of the situation.
  6.  Never show that you are new to the city:   If you are new to the city, even then don’t pretend that you are. Always be confident and don’t let the fear show up in your face.
  7.  Roll down the windows: If you have boarded a cab, roll down the windows and put your hands on it, so the driver doesn’t get a chance to pull up the windows and child locks it. This way you can at least scream if you find yourself in trouble.
  8. Avoid travelling alone: One in a hand worth two in the bush, so it’s always advisable not to travel alone. Try to travel with your friends or female colleagues.
  9. Don’t trust anyone: If someone offers lift, even if that person is known to you, think twice, before trusting them and accepting the offer.
  10.  Public transport is the best:  I would always suggest taking public transport for commutation, but in the worst case scenario, try to take an auto rickshaw, where at least you have the scope to get down, if you smell anything fishy.

These tips can help you save yourself from any troubles whatsoever. Safety always comes first and every woman must feel free to move in her own city without any fear.


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