Why this indifference

Today, this day, I would like to espouse for all the girls in the world who is and has been surviving in this male chauvinist society. I really don’t understand why people blindly follow the public reverence and not even use their commonsense.

Time and again, girls have been targeted at every phase of life. No girl in this world is safe enough. I would like to ask you, God has sent us for some  purpose, then why does this so called “society “ has to decide, that women and girls does not have the  freedom and right to live or to fulfil the purpose they are here for.

I mean for God’s sake, get some life. Right from the time a girl child is born they are being tortured. Especially in rural India, if they come to know that the foetus is a girl child, they kill her inside the womb itself. If, god forbids, she comes out, she has to suffer hell. And so she does, without uttering a word. Apparently, people support the social stigma to an extent, that they are blinded to see what is right and what is wrong.

A woman doesn’t have the right to study, work, have a social life, or have friends? A woman is compared with Hindu Goddess, but still her self esteem and dignity is torn asunder. All her life she sacrifices and suffers and doesn’t utter a word. Why this indifference?

If she has to work, she faces criticisms in office, at home, from relatives. Every day, her self -respect is torn to snippets, but still she suffers. Every day she faces molestation verbal or physical, still she suffers. She is a target of domestic violence, still she suffers. She is being raped and abused, still she has to keep quiet and suffer. She has to face acid attacks, still she suffers the pain. I mean there has to be a limit to her sufferings.

Why this indifference? Why this predicament only to her?  Why we are we so callous when all this happens right in front of us. Why when a woman comes to you for help, you shrug it off. Don’t you feel for her? Or is it just that, this is some spicy news for you to watch and enjoy and then blame the government for this and then back you are to your own world. Remember this can happen to your child, or your wife or any other family member.

In the Delhi gang rape case, millions of people stood for the justice of Nirbhaya. I would like to ask everyone, only when any such incident happens, you will stand up for it? Take a step forward and stand for every woman. She doesn’t have to be a rape victim or a molestation survivor or an acid attack survivor.

Let us all as an individual get into a pact that no such violence whatsoever will be acceptable. We will raise our voices against injustice and will support each and every woman in this world. So she can live a normal life. She doesn’t have to live her whole life with fear and insecurity. Only when we respect the women in our country, people will respect her. Let us set an example to the whole nation, that we stand for our women and support her.

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