How people are influenced by their social surroundings

We as human beings are never satisfied. Anything and everything we see, we want that. That is the reason they say we are social animal. Because everything that they see in the society, next day they have that.  I think every human being is influenced by one other.

I reminisce, when I was a tad, I used to envy my friends for what they have, even a small pencil which looked different; I craved for that as well. And then next day, I would cry for that. Any new dress, shoes, bag and many other little things I found very attractive and I always used to crib that my parents don’t buy me those things and I used to feel, when I grow up, I will buy everything. But as I grew up, even more attractive things came; I thought, once I start earning, will buy those. Now, when I am earning, I feel the pang behind spending money on unnecessary things. And I feel sorry for my parents for how I thought about them. They say, the suffering and sacrifice of your parents are known only when you go through that phase. I am not a parent yet, but I can still feel how wrong I was. I really want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Anyways, so you see, it’s an epic. A person is never satisfied, because they are so much influenced by the social surroundings. Why are the products sold at a surge? In economics, we used to learn that the demand and supply are interrelated. If the demand increases supply automatically increases. And why does the demand increase, Because of the influence of advertisements and people around.

Not going too much deep into economics, I would come to the point. SO you see the crux is that, any product even before it comes to the market the demand is at its peak, because of the reviews we get from people around. We see our neighbour had bought a new car, we would ask them about it, the review, the price and everything. And we end up buying the same, if it suits our budget. SO every little thing that we do we are influenced by the people around.

For example, social networking sites, I remember never existed in India at least. And then it came as a flood and everyone started using. So you see, the point is, anything and everything a person does, directly or indirectly affects and influences us.  Apparently, right from the time we know our senses, we try to imitate people around, and we try to live their life, try to follow their lifestyle. Still we are not satisfied. Still we feel I wish I was like them and follow whatever they do.

That’s why they say, humans are never satisfies and till the time this universe exists, we are going to remain like this because that’s the way God has created us.


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