How to use the maximum chance of promotion

Lot of opportunities come on our way while working. We have to recognize the opportunity and get the maximum benefit out of it. People think that buttering and boasting your boss will get you the promotion you deserve. But, anything on a short cut way doesn’t last long and will also be for a short span.

But I have also seen, that people who are really hard working and are always focused, are forgotten by the management voluntarily or otherwise. So every employee should know his or her right and grab the opportunity as it arrives. Fighting for your right is the best way to get what you deserve. I remember when I used to work, there were some very senior employees who have been working in the organization for 10 years and they are of the same post that I was hired for. I was really sceptical on how the management works. But, later I realized, if you stay quiet and agree on everything, you will remain where you are for the rest of your life.

There are some points that will help employees use their chance of promotion:

  1. Every time you get a chance, speak to your boss about your promotion; this doesn’t mean, you are always after him. Instead, discuss a proper career plan with him and explain your career objective and leave on him to decide.
  2. Keep a pressure on the HR about the same. You have loads of opportunities outside. SO if you feel your work is not recognized here, you can directly speak to the HR and your boss about it.
  3. If required, update yourself with the latest technologies, which will help to move to the next level. Learning new things is always important, so keep yourself updated.
  4. Increase your visibility in the organization. You can hone your interpersonal skills and try to participate and volunteer in all the activities. This way, your visibility will increase and your promotion will be considered.
  5. Don’t boast yourself. This will look stupid and you will be a laughing stock within your colleagues and managers. SO never toot your own horn. Jawing about you will also give a negative impact on your professional life.
  6. Never sulk if someone gets promoted. Instead try to figure out where you lack and what are the qualities they have which you can adapt. Sulking will make your situation worst.
  7. The employee has to be highly professional in their work as well as in their conduct. SO assimilate this and try to hone your personality as required by the management.
  8. Try to mentor your colleagues as and when required. These things are counted when a performance appraisal happens. So increase your problem solving skills and leadership qualities.

All in all, you really have to work hard to utilize the opportunity to the best possible way. Also, keep a track of your overall performance. This will help you show your achievements whenever you are asked for, instead of thinking for hours together. This also shows how professional you are and how well you have maintained your track records.

SO Keeping these things and other important things in mind go ahead and grab the golden opportunity. Life doesn’t give you another chance. Utilize the best out of what comes your way.



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