The Inner self

There are times when, you want to completely cut off from the world and stay just to yourself. Talk to your inner self and just be yourself. Whole life gets emaciated pretending to be what you are not. And over a period of time you tend to believe that this is what you are for the rest of your life.

So, wash off that feeling and meditate and spend time with yourself. You will know what you are and what you have become just to please the world. Spend your time with a cup of coffee and your writing cabin or your terrace or balcony, early in the morning, when nobody is there to see. This is the time; you can hear every little sound coming from within. This is the time you get to have a one on one with God. Elude all the extra things that are unimportant at this point in time.

There is a surge of feeling running down my body which I want to let go off, its neither happy nor sad feeling but an uneasiness which has to be washed off completely. To thwart all that’s running in your mind, will make you even more uneasy. I have always had a feeling what is it like if I change myself to what the world wants. And that’s exactly what happened and here I am standing right in the middle, where I have completely lost myself to the so called “world”. I can hear people flaking, shouting and there is drone all over. I am exasperated and I feel I have sabotaged my own personality for the world. I have plummeted in this so called world and it’s difficult to listen to your own toot and get up again from the ground.

Making time for you is difficult in this busy world. But trust me you will feel relaxed if you give yourself just 1 hour of that early morning time. There is triumph in these small things, which help you let go off all your feelings, emotions and sufferings.  And your day will be rejuvenating for the rest of your life. Never lose your inner self and let yourself know constantly what you are


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