New Year resolution everyone breaks

Every time before the arrival of New Year, I make a long list of New Year resolution. Though I never live up to those and again start afresh. Very little percentage of people actually keeps up to their promises and it’s difficult to maintain that for the rest of your life, especially when you are stuck to your old habits for over 20 years now. I don’t even remember how many New Year resolutions I have made. But as far as I remember, I didn’t keep up to one. Having said that, I thought, I shall list out the resolutions made and out of that how many are like really common ones which everyone breaks.

To my surprise the list is endless. I guess that there is always a plunge on your excitement, once you realize that you have taken a wrong resolution and you give up to your own expectation.

Following are the most common New Year resolution which everyone breaks:

  1. Weight loss: This is the most common resolution almost everyone takes and breaks. I, for that matter, every time, take an oath of life, as if this is my last new year and promise to myself that, I am definitely going to stay healthy and fit for the coming years. So, this is something which is most common among people.
  2. Quit smoking and drinking: This I have seen is again very common. Those who are addicted to smoking and drinking need a reason to make everyone realize how much they want to quit this habit and they take a New Year resolution. Then they change it to “occasionally”. SO people who, just a day before, were so serious about their bad habit, suddenly change their statement, saying, “I never said forever, I said I will occasionally drink and smoke”. And we are like” Yeah sure!”
  3. Cutting on Unnecessary expenses: This means, people who shop too much, somewhere feel the guilt that they are spending too much. So, they get a chance to prove themselves, so there they are, on their resolution spree, promising they will save more and spend less. So their resolution takes a hiatus or a thwart for a reason they would know better.
  4. Exercise or Practice Yoga: This is something which very well goes along with me. I always take a resolution of staying fit and practice Yoga or exercise daily. But all my plans get void, when the time comes to implement it. Because, it gets postponed for the next day and that day never comes and the whole year gets wasted cribbing about it. And there I am back to square one, again promising myself.

SO you see, the list never ends and with every year, one’s edification resolution continues to add on, in to -do list. They say, “Promises are made to break “and that stands apt for people like me. SO henceforth, I have decided, I will never take a New Year resolution for good.


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