How to Motivate Employees

Slogging for hours together is really tiring and it squeezes the blood out of you. So, at this stage, there has to be some motivation for the employees so they feel excited to come to office and work more and more. The reason that even the talented employees under perform, is due to lack of motivation from the employers. Some organizations don’t hire people but hire slaves, who are paid peanuts and made to work like a dog.  This may sound like a rant, but that’s the truth, In order to meet the deadlines; they will stoop to any level.

Having said that, there has to be some ways to boost the morale of the employees and motivate them more and more in their career path. This is not about motivating only the talented lots, but the whole staff. Each and every employee faces some or the other stresses in the organization, though the level might vary.

SO an employer has to follow some ways to motivate their employees:

  1. Speak it out: It’s always good to be professional as well as friendly at times with your employees. Ask them to speak out any issues they have related to their work and try to sort it out. This will galvanize them to work hard. Probe the employees, if you feel they don’t seem to be quite happy with the management and the work culture. Try to figure out where you think you are wrong. And make sure that you live up to their expectations.
  1. Team outing: These days many organizations perform team outings in order to get refreshment from their monotonous routine. SO this will not only bring a change in the employees, but also motivate them more.
  1. Rewards and Recognition: If any employee works his blood out and doesn’t even get recognized for his hard work, it is quite annoying. So in order to make them feel special, an employer should organize a rewards and recognition program, where each and every employee gets recognition for the work they have done along with a certificate which they will remember for the rest of their live.
  1. Pat their back: Every time you don’t have to organize a program in order to appreciate the employee’s hard work. Patting their back and using words like “Good job”, “I am proud of you” and more is a gesture to show that, you have done a great job and I appreciate your hard work.
  1. An appreciation mail: This again is a synonym to the above point. You can write an appreciation mail to the employee And CC it to the top management and the team members, to let everyone know that, your hard work is counted upon and appreciated.
  1. Reward to achieve the goal: You can reward the employees with small gifts, if they achieve their goal or deadline. This will motivate them to work even hard and double achieve the goals.

These are some points and much more ways where an employee can be motivated. Remember, no employee is running philanthropy here that they will work day in and day out and not expect anything in return. Every employee works for a reason best known to them and if they are not motivated in their workplace, there are chances that they slip into stress and depression.

So it’s the duty of the employer and the management to motivate their employees and should stand by them always.


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