How to Plan a family Reunion

In This busy world, we hardly get the time to spend with our near and dear ones. With everyone busy in their professional life, their personal life has come to an edge and this takes a toll. Many times I feel that when I was a kid, those times were the best, because at least every week, we had a get together. Meeting all the relatives and dining together laughing, chatting, playing, It was a revelry. If not frequently, we used to have a get together once in a month.

But people are so preoccupied with their work and the technology around, they prefer spending time on their computers and building social networks and breaking the networks that has been for a lifetime. The crux is that the way we have spent our childhood, we would definitely want our kids also to experience that lifestyle and meet people around. So, it’s really important to maintain the culture that our parents have been teaching.

SO there are lot of ways we can plan a family reunion:

  1. Through Family Functions: This is the best platform for a family reunion. Whenever there is a family function, it’s mundane that most the relatives would attend. This is a place where you can meet up with all your relatives, whom you haven’t met for quite some time.


  1. Family Outing: Organize a picnic or a family outing away from the busy world and spend some quality time with your dear ones. This will not only be a perfect reunion but also a good stress buster.
  1. 3.      Lunch or Dinner party: Decide on a lunch or a dinner get together. Place can be your home or a restaurant of your choice. Believe me this would be the best reunion.


The above points were the ways where and when a reunion can be done. Now let’s figure out points on how it can be done:

  1. Theme Party: When planning a reunion, plan for a theme party, like same colour or dress code, or any other themes, Get ideas from everyone and list out the most common ones and decide accordingly. This also helps in recognizing family member. Not because we don’t recognize, but because most of the family members we might be meeting for the first time or after a long time. So this theme would be easy for everyone to introduce and get going.
  2. Organize games: If you have a large family like more than 15 people, you can organize many interesting games, so that every member mingles with each other and have a great time together. The games can be Musical chair, or blowing the balloon, paper dance and the list is endless. Organize these games and take an initiative to get all the items required for the same.
  3. Discuss the Budget: The family get together shouldn’t be at the cost of a single person’s savings. Make sure the budget is very much according to the pocket and everyone should contribute equally. So the burden is not on a single person or family. Because this is a family get together, feel free to discuss the budget and allocate the contribution.
  4. Decide on a place and time: If you planning a get together make sure, everyone is available on the date mentioned. So discuss with each and everyone and check the maximum availability date and accordingly organize. Similarly, the place also has to be decided with everybody’s consent.

Above all, capture each and every moment in your camera to cherish those memories for a lifetime and other memoirs to come. Remember, when you are too busy with your professional life that you don’t have time for yourself, it’s the family members who will stand by you at the time of thick and thin. So always maintain a healthy relation with them. However, being a family, frictions are common. But forgetting and forgiving is the policy one shall follow


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