Safety at its core

Earlier in my blogs, I mentioned about Women safety.  But, I guess, at this point in time, safety of every individual is imperative. Danger never informs you before coming. SO we have to be cautious and do whatever possible for our safety. No one is going to take the responsibility of our safety And its idiocy to even depend on the Government. Because, we know how it works and they are more concerned about their safety rather than the public.

Today morning as soon I saw the newspaper, the very first news itself disturbed me. A woman went to the ATM to withdraw cash in a crowded area in Bangalore. And that ATM didn’t have a security guard. As she was about to come out, a man entered the ATM and closed the shutter and forced her to withdraw all the money, when she resisted, the man brutally attacked by a machete on her face and fled. And the woman lied unconscious for 3 hours in the flood of blood. Only when some children saw the blood flowing out from the ATM they alarmed the police. She was rushed to the hospital and is in a critical condition in the hospital in semi paralysed state.

This has really shaken me to the core. I told my husband today, I want a pepper spray, you see. AT least in any such situation, when you are trapped, you can use this as a self defence mechanism. I know, it’s easy to suggest and when it actually happens, you go blank and don’t even get an idea of doing such thing. But, the more we show them that we are scared the more they will take the advantage of the situation. This is not about a woman. Anyone could have been in her place and in her situation. SO every individual should carry some or the other self defence products, which is easily available at every online store.

I really don’t know what has happened to this world. Every other day, we get to hear the news of brutality, rape, bomb blast, etc. There has to be an end to it. And only we can do it. Raise your voice against any crime. Give the severest punishment to the culprit. SO they think twice before committing any crime whatsoever. There has to be a fear of law in them. But that is not there because, it takes years together to give justice to the victim and the cases are piled up for many more years. SO, there has to be a proper jurisdiction, every case has to be looked upon on a fast track basis. You rely upon the law for your safety and for the justice. So, if that’s not met, it is obvious that the fear of law will vanish altogether in the coming years.  And the felons will get the leeway to do whatever they want.

Let’s join hands together and fight for our self, for our safety and for the whole world. United we stand, divided we fall. If we stand together with Unity, no bloody criminal will think of committing any crime. We have to come out of the predicament by our self. Only if we raise our voice and fight for justice, we can assure our future generation to stay safe and fight for their right. And clean the world from all the criminals like a scavenger.

There is a surge of anger running down my veins and I really feel, this, as an individual everyone should feel and fight for the same. SO here I am, requesting everyone, to fight for your safety and justice and request for the severest punishment to the criminals.


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