Is the gap in the career a hindrance?

That’s true, if you have a slight gap in your career that might be a hitch in your career growth. Employers take it in a negative way and that could leave an impact in your career. It’s really awful, because, there is definitely a reason for that gap, and if you are able to explain that, I don’t find any reason for any employer to reject the Resume. Anyways that’s their call, But I personally feel, this is a big problem and people should get a chance to justify.

The gap could be for any reasons like bad economy, Personal problem, Family problem, and health Issues. Any reason whatsoever, affects you personally as well as professionally.

But, one should not lose heart, because there are lot of opportunities waiting and you can also take this as a challenge and try to utilize this time for your edification. You can’t go personally to every employer and beg them to give you a job and explain each and everyone the reason for the gap. So, its better you use it as a turning point.

Some of the ways you can use this obstacle as an aid to your career are:

  1. Be confident: You know you have not done anything wrong, so you don’t have to be nervous and guilty. Instead, be confident and impeccable in your interview. Explain the reason for the gap. Don’t be rhetoric, but to the point and precise.
  2. Don’t be desperate: The interviewer should not feel that you are being too desperate to get the job. Don’t let them know, even if you are. Instead, be neutral.
  3. Learn new technologies: If you are not getting selected because of the gap, that’s fine. This is the time to update yourself with new technologies related to your domain. Read blogs and articles related to your domain. There is something called self education. You can always research and educate yourself with the latest technologies.
  4. Start afresh: If you feel, changing the field altogether is going to work. DO that. Learn something different which you are interested in and update your resume and start afresh. This doesn’t mean you have to start as a fresher. You can always explain the reason of domain change and let the employer know.
  5. Work as a freelancer: This is the best way to fill the gap. When you know that the market is not good enough and this can bring a big gap in your career, try to work as a freelancer. You can also mention this in your CV. This way, you are neither unemployed, nor working full time, but have been busy doing something creative, which will be an added advantage. Because the employer usually asks, what were you doing during this time period? So you have a fair enough reason. And you can also take this as a permanent job. There are lot of freelancers these days that are paid a descent salary.


So, when you have a proper point to prove the employer why the gap, you can confidently crack any interview and go back to work or work as a freelance. Apparently, this would not be a hindrance any more, if you utilize the gap in a productive manner and keep yourself up to date.


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