Corporate Dining etiquettes

Yes, you read the topics right. Just like we have email etiquettes, body language etiquettes, we also have dining etiquettes, which almost every organization train the employees. You must be wondering, now last thing they are going to train us on, how to eat? That’s correct. Well! When working in a corporate you have to learn all the mannerisms and etiquettes. The reason being, sometimes, you might have to go for a lunch with your boss or the client. And there you don’t have to look unprofessional.

It’s not about just corporate but, these days everyone should learn how to hold a fork and a knife. However, in a corporate it’s a mandate. Let’s point out some dos and don’ts of dining out:

  1. Hold the fork in your left and knife in your right hand. Use the fork to spear and lift the food to your mouth.
  2. Sit up straight at the table. Don’t bend or lean on the table.
  3. Start the meal only when the host starts.
  4. If you are not able to eat a certain meal, don’t hesitate and mess up. Instead, be clear and let the host know, you are not comfortable eating that way and politely ask him/her “May I?” before going ahead and eating it your way.
  5. Eat slowly, don’t gobble. This would look tacky and cheap. You have all the time in the world. So don’t jump on the food and gobble as if you are eating for the first time.
  6. Keep the utensils a little far from you, so the food doesn’t spill on you.
  7. Most important, if any of your utensils fall down, don’t bend down and try to pick it. This is the most unprofessional way. Instead ask for another one.
  8. Don’t lick your fingers and your knife or fork.
  9. If you are done, wit for everyone and then get up. If in the middle of the meal, you have to get up. Just politely tell them “Excuse me!” and then leave the table.
  10. Don’t slurp while eating. Also, never make a chomping sound while eating. Close your mouth and eat slowly.
  11. Never talk when you are mouthful.

SO, following these tips will showcase you as highly professional and clients would love to dine out with you.


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