Weekend Getaways from Lucknow

Weekend Getaways from Lucknow

You stay in any part of the world; it has become a trend these days to go for a trip outside the city for a nice and calm weekend. I don’t remember, when I was a tad, I ever went out for a short trip. In fact, those days, weekend used to be only Sunday, being 6 days working.
Now with so many private companies, the weekend has been extended to Saturday and Sunday, so people get enough time to go outside the city for 2 days free from all the traffic, pollution and stress. Apparently, people have different choices, when we ask about their ideal weekend getaway. Some would prefer to go to a hill station and stay in the resort and get rejuvenated. Some want to visit temples and historic places.

Lucknow is one such city where you find glut of places to visit during the weekends. With most of the famous places just hours away, Lucknow has become a famous tourist place. Lucknow is a true epitome of Indian culture. You still find the culture intact in the way they dress, talk. They reflect the true Indian culture. The Lucknawi salwar (Dress for women) are very famous across.  The Awadhi Cuisine, reflect the time the Nawab of Awadh used to rule the place.  Music resides in each and every person here. They have a true love and knowledge for music (Gazal).  Also, there are numerous places to visit from Lucknow.

Having said that let me list out some perfect places to visit from Lucknow in the weekends:

  1. Kanpur is just 81 kms from Lucknow and this is closely connected with the history. This place is situated at the banks of River Ganga and showcases the Hindu culture. SO people who prefer to visit temples, this is an ideal place with bird sanctuaries also the attraction point.
  2. Almora: If you want to visit a hill station and you are ready to travel for 6-7 hrs. Almora is the place of true beauty. Trust me, going there by road will be an experience you will never forget and for people who love long drives, this would be an ultimate experience.
  3. Agra: famous for the Agra fort, Taj Mahal and archaeological history. This again would be good weekend getaway, as you have lot of places to see and click some nice snaps to cherish for a lifetime.


The list continues. If you are more of a God lover, you have lot of pilgrimage like Mathura, Varanasi. For those of you who would like to go a little further, Bhopal, Dehradun, Shimla, Chandigarh, is also a great place to enjoy your weekend. But these places being a little far, you might have to start on Friday night and return back on Sunday night. SO you won’t miss your work on Monday. However, this might be a little tiring journey, but trust me you will feel relaxed and rejuvenating.

So, all in all, Lucknow is really an enticing place to visit in and around. I am sure; one weekend would not be enough for you to explore the beauty of the place. At the same time, you have so many options, that none of your weekends would be repetitive, like going to the same place again.

SO, let your weekend be fun filled and rollicking and enjoy the vast culture and beauty across.


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