What is expected from a Candidate in an Interview


Whether it’s your first interview or one out of many, there are always jitters that whether you would be able to crack the interview or meet the expectations of the interviewer. You have to be impeccable in your very first few minutes. Because they say the employer makes the decision in the first few minutes itself and the rest of the time they just drill you more and more in order to get the maximum out of you. If you are not impressive in those first few minutes, then do whatever possible to woo the interviewer, they are not going to change their decision.

So, it’s really important to research what is expected out of you in an interview. It’s not a rocket science though, just small things to be kept in mind:

  1. Personality:  They say “first impression is the last one”. So showcase your personality to the interviewer in a positive manner. Well how do they know your personality? By the way you dress up. Your dress makes a great impact on the interviewer. If you enter the room shabbily dressed and talk to the interviewer in a very casual way, you are rejected upfront. Instead, dress up in your formals, neatly ironed and tucked in. For men, wear a tie and polished shoes. Hair nicely combed. This will impress the employer and your initial job is done already. Next all you have to do is shake your hands in a firm and professional manner and introduce yourself. Don’t use language like “HI DUDE!” This sounds too unprofessional and rude. Instead “Hello sir!” is more professional and polite.
  2. Address the interviewer: Never address them with their first name unless they ask you to. Always maintain a polite “SIR”, when talking to them. This shows how professional you are.
  3. Impressive Resume: Before going for the interview, make sure that your resume is up to date.  It shouldn’t look like rhetoric written on a piece of paper. Highlight important things and project your roles and responsibilities in bullet points. Showcase your strength and weaknesses. All in all, it should be simple and precise, yet crisp.
  4. Wear a smile: Don’t show the interviewer that you are nervous and about to breakdown. Always wear a polite smile on your face. Remember even the interviewer has been having a long day and if you enter with a lousy face, they are going to reject you upfront. Your smile should be a treat to watch for the interviewer, so they are avid to probe you more.
  5. A two-way conversation: The interview should always be a two way conversation. Ask question to the interviewer about your role, the process. Make it more interactive and pleasurable for the interviewer. He should feel that working with this person will be fun. Build Rapport and always maintain eye contact when talking. This shows your confidence.
  6. Don’t beat around the bush: If you are not too sure about the answer, just be honest and accept the fact, instead of beating around the bush. This will confuse the interviewer and you also look confused and stupid. They are more biased toward honest candidates, so just be honest and accept your mistakes; this will not make you small in fact it will increase your chances of getting selected


SO, these small things when followed, there will be no such interview which you would not be able to crack. SO be confident and composed. This is the Mantra to success.


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