First day at work: Question an employee should ask


It’s your first day at work and jitters are quite normal. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach. But, in this new environment, there may be many questions in your mind and that has to be cleared on the very first day itself.

Having said that, it’s every individual’s prerogative to impel the employer to clear all the queries you have, so there is no misunderstanding. Apparently, an Employee induction program is organized to accustom you with the new environment and policies. But apart from that, you may have some queries related to an individual, which is not covered in induction.  SO, make a list of queries you have in your mind. Let me list out some:

  1. What is expected from you as an individual in the role you are hired for: This is the very first thing that comes to your mind. You have been lucky enough for being associated with an esteemed organization and you don’t want to goof up on the first day itself. It leaves a bad impression and your manager might be regretting on his decision. SO don’t let this situation occur and make it clear right at the beginning, what is expected out of you in this role. If it requires any training, go ahead and volunteer yourself for the training.
  2. 2.      What are your targets or SLA’s: Every organization big or small has a set target as an individual as well as a team. SO go ahead and ask your manager about your individual and team targets. And then make a strategy to meet your targets. A proper planning on the first day itself will make it clear to the employer that they have hired a right person for this role.
  3. 3.      HR policies: HR policies like, your dress code, leave policy, what are the other benefits you are entitled to, your working hours and timings. What are the medical benefits you are entitled to? The list is endless. So prepare a list and clear everything with the HR and your manager.
  4. 4.      Team strength: If you are leading a team or otherwise, you have to know the strength of the team you will be part of. Introduce yourself to the whole team and spend some time with them to know them better and vice versa. It’s really important that you have a proper understanding in order to work together as a team and achieve the team goals. SO, a casual chat with your team members to make each other comfortable is a good start.
  5. Who should you address your questions: Every time you have an issue or question, you can’t run after the HR. So first thing ask the HR, whom should you address your queries, if any, in the near future? Note down the email address of important people whom you can contact for any future queries.


You can add your own list to the above points and clear all the doubts whatsoever. Because, this also gives an impression, that you have done your homework right and you are keen to learn and stay in the organization for long. So now, you are all set to adjust yourself to the new environment and succeed in your endeavors






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