How to identify a fake candidate

Being into the recruitment business, the most difficult task for the recruiter is to identify the fake candidate and the genuine one. Well, there is a thin line between the two and one should know the art of recognizing who is who. Having worked in this field, out of personal experience, I am writing this. The recruiter is blamed, if a resource hired happens to be fake. However, we all know, that’s not their mistake. People these days have become over smart and too tech savvy, to fake their resume.

SO, when the candidate has become too smart, then the employer has to be ahead of them and take some necessary steps to identify the fake and genuine candidates.

  1. Face to face interview: These days, to save the time, employer takes a telephonic interview and they cannot see who is giving the interview. It can be that the person who is giving the interview is not the person who is hired. SO, the best way to indentify is through a face to face interview. This way, you can read the body language and probe more and more to identify if he is genuine or fake.
  2. Check the Manager he was reporting to: Ask for the name of the managers he was reporting to, the team lead, which domain he was into and all. I am sure; if he is fake he will give some fictitious name. Always go back and check in LinkedIn if a person with that name exists and if he works with that company. There is not a single person these days who doesn’t use LinkedIn. SO, this is the best way to find out if the person is fake.
  3. Initial screening: You can identify a candidate’s profile in the initial screening itself. If the candidate has mentioned too many skills, probe them deeper into that skill.
  4. Background check: Even before hiring a candidate, it is imperative that you do a proper background verification of the candidate. Contact the previous employer to check whether he candidate has worked with them or not. This is for people who claim to be experienced. For freshers check the educational institutions for a proper check on their academic background.
  5. Documents: Faking the documents also has become a trend these days, so check all the documents including the educational documents. Because people get education certificate also faked.


Also, there are small firms which provide fake certificates to the candidates, so check them thoroughly and prepare a list of these companies and keep them in the blacklisted category.

These are some of the measures to be taken to identify a candidate, but remember, some candidates are too smart and they leave no stone unturned to prove their credibility. So, if you are still doubtful on that candidate, just tell them “We will get back to you”.


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