How to start or change your career using social Media

With the growing need of social media, people are using this as a means of promotion to start a career or change the existing one. As discussed earlier as well, that social media, if used intelligently, can become a boon or a blessing to many.

One such boon of using social media could be starting a new job or changing a career. Portals have become outdated these days and with a glut of people depending only on portals, the search for a job becomes difficult and you have to keep updating your skills in order to be the first in the search result.

SO at this point in time, when you are in dire need of job, you have to think smart and do something which will maximize your job search and the chances of getting hired will be more. One such means is through social media like LinkedIn, twitter, and face book and so on.

People spend half of the time, updating their status and photographs, if they use this in a productive manner, this could be a great source of job search.

  1. LinkedIn: This, as we all know, is the professional networking site. And we find lot of people using this site for job search. This is one of the best sources. You post your status here for all your connections to see that you are looking for a job. And you get quick responses for people looking for similar candidates. Also, you can follow the companies you are interested in and see all the job postings and apply accordingly. Unlike portals, you can send individual email to the employer directly.
  2. Facebook:  This is something which not everyone knows, but you can apply for jobs here as well. You have to be careful here, and your settings should be private. And do regular updates on your status to let your networks know that you are looking for a job. SO first thing when your friends come across any opening they will definitely get in touch with you.
  3. Twitter: Follow as many companies as possible in twitter and like face book, Keep updating your status to let the companies know that you are looking out. Regular updates from you will make you popular and chances of you getting a job will be more.


If you are into blog writing, share your blog links in Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and as many social sites as possible, so it reaches to the maximum and you get lot of likes and comments. This will give you and your blogs a visibility and will reach where it has to reach.

SO, all in all, to propagate your work and to search for a job, social media can play a vital role.


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