And the world stopped

They say love is blind. And that stands so true for her. Charu was her name. She was just 19 yrs and was very innocent and gullible. She was fun loving and rollicking. Her friends enjoyed her company and would love to spend time with her.

AT this age, the influence of friends is more than the family. Her friends maintained boyfriends and would boast about them. And she felt “how happy they are in their relationship”. And she desired to live a life like them. She would dream about her prince charming, like any other girl and would wonder how life would be if she falls in love.

And they say, God listens to one prayer a day and so he did. Rohit was his name, a senior in her college and a hunk. He had a personality to die for, a smile so charming and eyes full of passion. They met in a college annual function and instantly fell for each other. Now, she also has a topic to talk about. She was never so happy. She was Oblivious with the outside world and the difficulties.

Her father was a businessman. She never faced any hardships in life. Whatever she asked for was given to her instantly. But, love changes the relationship altogether, that’s what happened, Rohit, influenced her to run away with him. And she was too callow to decide on what is right and what is wrong and was too much in love to reject the offer. So, they decide to do so.

But, where will they get the money from, to go to any other city and settle down. They decided to rob a house. Little did she know that the house was none other than her parent’s house? She did what he asked her to do, because she couldn’t imagine anything but spending her whole life with the person she loved. At one point, she felt, maybe she was doing something wrong, but the love was so intense that it thwarted the guilt altogether. And they successfully robbed the house and off they went to spend the rest of their life.

Initial months passed smoothly, Rohit, got a job in a private company and she also started working in a local coffee shop. After some time, all the money that they had, finished and they were nearing financial breakdown. It was then that she happens to see his real face. He started abusing her physically. He became alcoholic and everyday he used to beat her.

She has nowhere to go, as she left her parents long back. Everyday her life was getting miserable day by day. He became more obnoxious and contentious. All she could do was waiting, as she thought may be because of the financial crisis, he is behaving weird and as time goes by, he will come to normal. But life has never been so painful.

After some time, she realized that she is expecting, and her happiness knew no bounds. But this news doesn’t seem to make Rohit happy or excited. He became even more irritated and cranky.  And one fine day, all the limits broke, when in a small fight he slapped her and she fell right on the floor and was bleeding profusely. He took her to the hospital and left, never to return. She came to know that the baby is no more.

She had no shoulder to cry on, no one to share her commotion, pain and suffering. She was all alone and no place to go. Finally she decided to go back to Rohit, who looked in no pain at all. In fact he was happy with another girl in his life already. He threw her out of the house.

She felt her world is stopped. She felt how frivolous she was to believe him. How she wish she would have listened to her friends.  She can’t go back to her parents. She tried talking to them but all her effort went in vain. She is all alone in this murky world. Herself respect has been torn asunder with snippets all around.

And the world is stopped


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