Pre appraisal jitters

The pre appraisal jitters are equal to your interview jitters. The tension and the nervousness stay intact. You would not work that hard the whole year. But just a month before, suddenly you start working your blood out just to increase your performance, which is not wrong. Nobody wants their performance to be under rated, unless of course you have done so.

Different people react in a different manner just before the appraisal. Some just stay calm and composed and confident about their rating. Some start buttering their managers. SO all in all, every employee is concerned about their performance and the rating they will get based on that. Some of the important things to deal with the pre appraisal jitters and the post appraisal reactions are:

  1. Take time to review self: When the appraisal form is sent, don’t be in a hurry burry to finish the form, In fact take your time to review each and every aspect. Your strengths, weaknesses and your achievements.
  2. Peruse every question thoroughly:  Every question in the form has to read as many times and understand it and then write a rough note first and then rephrase and write it in a way that your weaknesses are also seen as an achievement.
  3. Don’t fight with the manager: Remember, in an appraisal, there are two comments, your comment and your managers and then they combine together, discuss with both and then rate the employee. So there may be some points you don’t agree with and some your manager doesn’t agree with. Don’t make an issue out of it and fight with your manager, instead explain your point of view in a composed manner, so the manager will understand and might change his point of view towards you.
  4. Never discuss your appraisal with others: first thing, this is against the company policies and secondly, if you discuss with your colleagues, there may be differences in the rating, which will again bring a clash.
  5. Accept it as a pro: Once your appraisal is done, take some time and think about the whole scenario, then think where you have gone wrong and accept it as a lesson for the future, instead of cribbing about it with others.
  6. Take the feedback positively: There are people who react on any feedbacks given to them. This is idiocy and unprofessional. Accept the feedback in a positive way and assure your managers that you will definitely try to do your best in the coming years and prove yourself.


Remember, it’s as difficult for the appraiser as it is for you. So try to be cooperative with them and deal with it like a pro. Also, this is a learning curve for you. So keep a record of all your achievements and ratings and try to strive high in your future by working even harder.


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