How to spend wisely during festive season

Festival spree is on the air and people are busy shopping and spending most of the time outside. And this the time, when you happen to spend more and by the end of the month your loose the track of your budget. I am sure; you have worked hard for this time the year and it’s natural that you get carried away with all the deals and offers during this time.

Having said that, it’s really important to spend wisely on your savings, it shouldn’t be that you spend each and every penny you have saved and then you are left with nothing. Financial crisis, never informs you before coming. SO, you have to spend wisely whether during festive season or otherwise.

Let’s follow some simple tips on how to keep a check on your expenses during festive season:

  1. Prepare a list: Purchase only what is necessary. So prepare a list on what are the items required and then go shopping. This way you won’t end up buying things which are unnecessary and spending more. A proper planning is really important when it comes to spending wisely. Festive season is a test to see if it can withstand your daily budget. So if you pass this test, you can pass any difficulty.
  2. Allot a specific budget: If you have to enjoy your festival, yet not get into any trouble, allot some amount for your festival shopping and the miscellaneous expenses and try to spend within the budget. If you are nearing your limit, it is an alert that, you have spent enough and that’s the time to pull back yourself. This way, you won’t end up spending on unnecessary items.
  3. Don’t buy on impulse: Always, think before you buy anything. Don’t buy things on an impulse. This way, you will not be able to track how much you have spent and how much you are left with.
  4. Don’t get attracted to deals:  There might be some genuine deals, but some might be a way to attract customers and they double the price and sell. SO peruse carefully, before you go for any deals.  If possible, check online and compare the prices and only if you find the deals good enough, then purchase.
  5. If going for a holiday: Again, if this festive season you are planning to go for a vacation. Book everything well in advance. This way you can save a lot. Last minute bookings are always expensive and it takes a toll on your savings. Vacation with your family should always be memorable yet affordable.
  6. Online shopping:  When you hit the malls for shopping, it’s natural that you end up spending more than expected. So the best way is to shop online. This also gives you loads of options and deals, which you can compare and buy.
  7. Be careful with swindlers: This is the time; you come across lot of offers and eye catchy deals. You would not know, and they will use your excitement to buy as an opportunity and would try to cheat. So, always go to the regular shops and avoid going to shops which are temporary. They might be swindlers and their purpose is solely to utilize this festive season as an opportunity to rob or cheat people.


SO, when you follow these simple tips, you can save yourself from any further wreck and financial crisis and yet can enjoy the revelry full of fun and joy.


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