Time management tips for freelance writers

Working as a freelancer is not an easy task, especially when you have voluntarily chosen this path as your career. People say, sitting at your home with your pyjamas and writing is easy, because, there is no work pressure or stress. But even this is as difficult when you have allotted a target for yourself.

It’s quite natural, that when you are working at your own will and space, you tend to become lazy sometime or postpone your priority. So, be your own manager, be strict to yourself and allot a deadline and time frame for yourself. It’s always easy to suggest, but difficult to follow. I have come to know lately, how difficult it is to aver to your expectations.

Having said that, I am still finding it difficult to manage time, so here I came across some important points when working as a freelancer:

  1. Prepare a schedule: You have a leeway to set your own time and schedule. SO make the best possible use of that. Prepare a proper schedule and adhere to that come what may. Of course exceptions are there. But, try to give the maximum time for your work. SO accordingly, prepare a schedule.
  2. Set goals and deadlines:  Work like you are working in an office, set goals for yourself and keep deadlines and try to meet your goals as per the deadline allotted by yourself. Always, keep a grace period in your deadline, so in case of emergencies, you have time to meet your goals.
  3. Jot down the points: When you sit in front of your laptop, you might have to take some time to think about the topics and then the content. SO instead, keep your mind busy all the time, and whenever you come across some important points, jot down right away. When you do this, your work is minimized and you just have to rephrase it later.
  4.  Don’t overindulge yourself:  There are times when you might not feel quite well and you want to take a break. DO that. Don’t over strain yourself. Because doing this, is not going to affect you anyways. Having said that, don’t take an advantage out of that. Be honest to yourself.
  5. Research:  For a freelance writer, it’s important to research before writing something. So, allot some time for the research work, read other articles, try to learn new techniques for your personal edification.


A proper time and resource management is very important, when you are a freelance writer. Above that, if you are getting paid for your writings, then you have to act seriously and try to give as much time possible.


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