What to do when your Account is hacked


The first alert you get when your account is hacked is when you are not able to log into your account or you might get a message from a friend saying that you have sent a link which takes you to some illegal sites. DO not panic and try to figure out ways. I know this is annoying and inexplicable, because our personal and professional data is all stored in our emails and when that is hacked, that’s quite disquieting. Nevertheless, nothing in this world is safe these days and we have to play safe.

When it comes to handling your account, like the social media, email account, or bank account, for that matter, you have to be very cautious. There are so many forged sites these days, that it’s difficult to make out which is genuine and which is fake. So we have to careful on what sites we are using and how secured that is. We also have to do our homework on keeping our account away from any scavengers, so that our accounts remain safe and secured.

Apparently, there is a cyber cell which takes care of cases like this. So whenever, you come across a case like this or you personally get stuck, contact the cyber cell and report your case. But, we also have to be cautious from our side and follow some simple tips:

  1. Change your password frequently:  The first thing, which everyone suggests is always keep changing your password frequently. This way your account is safe from hackers. Not that they cannot break your password, just that when you keep changing, it becomes difficult for them to hack into your account.
  2. Notify all your contacts about this: As soon as you realize that your account has been hacked, just notify your contacts, through phone, social media email or whatever source to inform that if they get a spam mail from your account don’t open it. And also if any link has been sent from your account, do not click on that.
  3. Keep your security software updated: Don’t forget to update your Antivirus security software updated frequently. Because the hackers can spread the virus in your computer, which can be even more dangerous because, it can breakdown your system altogether and you might lose all your important data.
  4. Block your accounts:  Block all your accounts ASAP, where the hacker can peep into from your hacked account. You may have some bank transactions and other mails which can also be hacked. SO as soon as an alarm bell rings in your mind, block all your accounts including your bank accounts.
  5. Future safety:  Again if you don’t want this to happen, be extra cautious. Next time when you open a new account or recapture the old one, change all your privacy settings and security settings and make it more secure and safe.
  6.  Check your bank accounts:  The best way to get into your bank account is through your email. SO the hackers might get into your account and might also hack your bank account. SO before it’s too late, keep a check on your money and keep the bank informed about the same. If possible, block all your online transactions till you get back your account.

So, when we keep our accounts secured, we are rest assured that it cannot be hacked. A tight security is what is required and you can always take the help of specialists. In case of any financial transactions check the URL carefully and only if it is secured, go ahead. A secured site shows a sign of a lock before the address. SO all in all, follow the above points and keep your account secured.


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