Ways of recruiting great talent


Talent acquisition plays a vital role in an organization. There are great talents which goes unnoticed and emaciated at the time of downturn. But, it’s not at the time of economic crisis that an organization has to pursuit great talent. Every organization big or small needs the best of resources. However, at the time of recession, it becomes a need of an hour to hire the best talent. Because, only when you have great resources you stand high in the market but if your root itself is shaky and weak it would be an apocalypse. The whole organization gets affected

The role of the talent acquisition team becomes more prominent because, they have to withstand the economical condition and hire the best available Talent. However, there has to a strategy on recruiting great talent:

  1. Social Media: This as we all know is a source of recruiting. SO always keep updating your professional site and get in touch with the people and join discussions. This is the best way to look for great talents because, when you start a discussion and based on how candidate participate and what’s their take on the topic, half your work is done. Also, it helps to minimize the hiring cost.
  2. Database: At the time of crisis, this is the best strategy. Always maintain a database of active as well as passive candidates at the time upturn or otherwise, and during recession, make the best use of the database in hiring the best resource in your budget.
  3. Employee retention:  making the best possible use of the existing employees is also important, so try to retain the existing employees and train them where necessary and convert them in a potential talent for the organization.
  4. Headhunting: If you want to get the best talent in your organization, headhunting is another option.  Look for the big companies, who specialize in a specific skill and do a cold calling and try to talk to the potential candidate. There are different techniques of headhunting. This again is economical and you hire the best candidate available in the market.
  5. Think out of the box: This is a strategy which almost every big and small company apply. What different can you do to attract the talent and hire them. Get out of your comfort level and initiate something new and different. This attracts a large pool of talent.
  6. Campus Hiring: Again best of the talents you get in campuses, because they are out of college and passionate, at the same time hard working. You can mould them according to you and make them the greatest resource available in your organization.
  7. Leveraging the recession:  Ideally, recession is the time, an employer can make the best use. You have all the time for company as well as talent mapping. Without giving your search a hiatus, keep contacting the best talent and because everyone has the fear of recession, you might get the best resources upfront.

SO grab an opportunity as soon as it comes, to hire the best talent and make your organization stand alone in the crowd


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