Weekend Getaway to Shivanasamudra falls


India has always been my primary topics in all my blogs and so it is now. I have never been to Niagara Falls though, but all I could say is, India too has an alluring place called Shivanasamudra. It’s a place where people find serenity and also a favourite weekend getaway. It’s a great tourist throng as well.

Located 145 kms from Bangalore, It’s a place of extreme beauty. Our plan to visit this place was quite the eleventh hour plan. We planned on Saturday night around 10.30 pm to explore this place, since we had relatives at our place. And so, we booked the cab and next day early morning around 8.30 am, off we were to experience the mesmerizing beauty. They say the ideal time to start is around   6.00 am. Because the early morning breeze and the fresh air keeps your spirits high the whole day and the road trip is always a fun with family and friends.

So we started and had our breakfast on the way. It took us two and a half hours to reach our destination; we reached Gaganchukki falls, which has an extremely breathtaking view, but that is a place where you can just have a photo session from far away, you can see the falls from quite a distance but you would want to experience the water and you can’t. SO, we stayed there for some time and clicked some snaps. People are not allowed to cross the fence and so we were left with a very less option of clicking the snaps and make a move. However, we were kind of little upset, because we had packed our stuff for a water play.

Then our driver told us, that if you want to go near the water, there is a place called Barahchukki falls, which is the downstream of Cauvery River and a place where people go towards the cascade to enjoy the water fall. It is spread widely compared to Gaganchukki and the water gushes out from a great height which is quite spectacular. This is a place where you can experience the water fall right under your nose. You have to walk down towards the falls for quite some time though, but that is an experience in itself.

SO, we changed our dresses and wore the tracks and t-shirts to go down. On the way, you find small stalls of eateries .Finally we reached down and there are small round boats which look like a big basket, and they take us near the water fall. We had some great snaps clicked there. However, it was 50 bucks for a small round, which I feel was quite costly. But, we ignored it, for we were here to enjoy.  Post this; we went to the other corner of the Barahchukki falls which was even more captivating. We were right under the falls and having the greatest time of life. We had a water play, snaps clicked, jumping and playing and swimming. We enjoyed every bit of it and stayed there for almost 2 hours. It was already 5.00 pm. Then we came out of the water and had to go back to where our car was parked. Since we were totally drenched, our body became heavy to carry our self and on top of that we had to go through the stairs which was unsymmetrical. On our way we had something to eat, since we were tired already and needed some energy to go up. By the time we reached near our car, it was 5.30 pm. We came back to our original dresses and started off.

Our body has already started aching and so we thought, without going to any other place, we should make a move. However, there are lot of historical temples and places to visit, but, since we had no time left. We thought, will definitely make a visit again and see all the places, we have left untouched.

I must admit, this was one of the best trips I have ever been to and a great place as well. This has been a great weekend getaway and the greatest memory to cherish for a lifetime.


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