How to initiate termination for an absconding employee

When an employee has surpassed all the leaves and still doesn’t show up to work without any intimation on mail or call, he is considered absconding. Every company has a procedure to deal with these employees and there is a proper guideline to be followed. A step by step procedure is what is required:

  1. Try to contact: When you notice that the employee has not turned up to work without intimation, try to contact him. If his mobile is switched off, that is the first sign that the candidate might be absconding. Next step would be to check your records and search for an alternative number and try to contact them. If the alternate number is also not reachable or no answer, that’s an insinuation that you have to go ahead with the next step.
  2. Send letters: Apparently, every company has a 3 letter policy. Where in first two letters is a kind request to the candidate to report to work immediately, thereafter the 3rd letter is a warning or intimation that their services might be terminated if they don’t report to office within a stipulated time period (decided by the management). If the letters comes back to you unattended, don’t open the letter and file it in your records for future reference.
  3. Try to get information: There are cases where the candidate’s whereabouts are known to his friends or colleagues. So, try to have a one on one with their colleagues or get in touch with the friends and try to get the information. If nothing is found about him, then go ahead and initiate a termination.
  4. Termination: This would be last step, where in a termination letter has to be sent to the employee stating that after continued efforts to contact you, there have been no sign of your return, no replies of the letter and no intimation as such and so as per the policy, we have to terminate your service immediately.

This step by step process makes it easy for you also to keep a track of how many warning letters have been sent, when it was sent, so on and so forth. Keep an up to date file of all the information. SO that after 3 months or even more, if the employee comes back and claims to get his job back, you would have a proper justification of the dismissal or termination of the employee.


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