How to manage time for your family

How to manage time for your family

I sometimes think that when life has so many things to offer you, you tend to change and forget your priorities. And your behaviour towards others changes as well. I have seen people who spend half of their time outside apart from their work and when it comes to spending time with the family, they would say ,” I don’t even get time to spend with my family.” I mean come on! There has to be a proper explanation.

But, I think, this is the time to think and change the way you live. DO you want to spend more time with the family or do you want to slog yourself to office to mint those extra bucks?  I would definitely prefer the former one. However, it’s your personal choice.

I remember in my previous company, one of my colleagues used to come early to office and would always leave late. When asked, does she has a family and how does she find time to spend with the family, she would say, “ I don’t like to work at home and cook food, because I stay with  in- laws and so to avoid all the chores, I come early and by the time I go home, all the work is done”. And I was like shocked. People really are like that? Because they don’t like to cook food and take care of their own kids, they do this?

I would not say all are like that; some are genuinely busy and would find it difficult to manage the time. Let’s find out how to manage time between your work and family:

  1. Be assertive: If your boss assigns you the work at the end of the day and asks you to finish it before going, you can always be polite at the same time aggressive and give them the message loud and clear that you will not extend your work hours. And you can always tell them that you will finish it next morning. This way you can come home early and spend time with family.
  2. Listen to your kids:  I am sure, when you come from office; you would like to spend some quality time for yourself and for some time you want to stay alone and not talk to anyone. But, your kids feel exactly the opposite, they wait for the parents to come from work, so that they can narrate them the whole day event, what happened, what they did in school and so on and so forth. And it’s very disquieting when you get irritated with them saying that you are tired. Poor kids, what is their mistake. They also deserve some time from your busy schedule, which you have to manage yourself.
  3. Ask them to help you in your chores: When you return back from work, you have lot of things running in your mind like you have to prepare dinner, check your kids’ homework and make them study. You can always take help from your family members and kids as well in your chores, this way you can chat with them while working and you can finish your chores fast. And will have some quality time to spend with your family.
  4. Manage the cooking: The biggest work for a woman is to go home and cook which takes quite some time. Instead manage the cooking in a way that you have minimal work of cooking when you go home. Prepare everything in the morning itself so when you reach home, you have all the time in the world for your family and kids. Though you have to get up early, but that is worth doing if you want to spend time with your family.


A proper time management is all that is required to balance your work and family. Being extra vigilant when your kids are growing is every parents’ responsibility and for that you have to spend some time with them. So always keep a balanced life and spend as much time as possible with the family. Go out on weekends. Socialize with the relatives and friends. So follow these simple rules and you will also feel like a superwoman.


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