Hiring fresher: A corporate trend

With the growing competition in the market and a glut of opportunities and talents available, the demand for fresher has also increased. There was a time when corporate used to hire only experienced candidates and I used to feel, how a fresher can stand the competition with no experience at all. I guess this was also one reason why people opted for fake experiences and get the job by hook or by crook. But with an unstable market conditions, not all can afford an experienced candidate for reasons like: they are way too costly; they have their tantrums and many more reasons. So the big companies and even the small ones for that matter realized that a fresher is an investment for the future. And so the trend of hiring fresher is in the boom.
IBM, TCS, Infosys, Mphasis, Microsoft and the list continues. All the big daddy’s of the IT world hire fresher these days. There are lot of advantages of the same and that is one reason they have gone extra mile to give equal opportunity to the fresher at the same time get the maximum benefit out of it. After all no company runs philanthropy and so they see their benefit as well. Some of the benefits are:
1. They are less expensive: Freshers as compared to experienced candidates are inexpensive because they are new to the market and they are hungry for a job and to learn new things. Also the corporate doesn’t benchmark the fresh candidates unlike experienced where they have a benchmark for the best candidate available in the market.
2. Can be moulded: Because they are right out of college, they show interest to learn and can be moulded as per the corporate culture. At the same time, they have a passion towards new job and so they try to give their best.
3. Stay long: The crunch of the matter is that any company big or small hires a candidate to build a long term pact with each other which is quite notional in the present scenario and people tend to hop jobs as per their comfort. And with a fresher the risk factor is less for reason that they would stay with the company for long duration. Because they need a platform to prove, they would definitely make the best use of the platform and continue to be.
4. It’s a win-win situation: Hiring fresher is a win –win situation for both the candidate and the employer for all the above reasons discussed. Apart from that, the fresh faces itself make the office environment lively and fun. Their excitement is inexplicable and they thrive to dive deeper into the subject to prove their credibility and performance. And this is quite evident in their behavior. They are sincere to whatever they do and this in turn reflects in your business.

These are the reasons why corporates are going for campus placements and hiring freshers. When it comes to hiring fresher’s the hiring cost also is quite thrifty. Unlike experienced resources where the hiring cost touches the sky and on top of that the compensation paid to them. With such an unstable market, there is always a budget constraint for any company and that is another reason fresher’s are given more leeway than experienced candidates. There was a time when a corporate used to hire the best resource available in the market with the compensation best in the industry or whatever the candidate demanded. But in the last few decades there has been a sudden plunge in the market and is shaky till today and so they are playing safe and hiring fresher’s to keep the business running at a minimal cost and maximum benefit.


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