How much value does a distance learning program hold

How much value does a distance learning program hold

When it comes to academics in your career the professional degree hold a great importance and that is the reason people go for regular or distance education program to pursue the MBA degree. But how much value does this distance learning program has in your career. I hold an MBA degree from a distance learning institute and there has been quite edification though, but as far as career is concerned, I am not really satisfied for mistakes of my own and nothing to blame the degree. But I kind of repent now that had I done a regular professional degree, I would have got better opportunities. But is that the case?  There are lot of pros and cons of taking a professional degree from distance learning.

Having said that, the distance education program is best suited for working professionals and they do feel that it has the same value as the regular degree. Again depends on person to person and company to company. Let’s find out some advantages and disadvantages of the same:

  1.  University or institute:  It totally depends upon the university or institute a person holds a degree of. If it is one of the renowned institutes and one of the top B schools, it holds the same value as the regular degree does. However, there are some institutes which provide job assistance to the distance learning candidates which are appreciable.
  2.  Not much Exposure:  As compared to regular professional degrees, the exposure to distance learning is very less which can be a major disadvantage. However, the analogy is that in regular degree real time exposures are given importance and in distance learning case studies are given which are as good as real time exposures. But, the real time exposure helps visit the companies and work as an intern which is not given to the distance learners and that can lead to less exposures.
  3.  Good for working professionals: Distance education is good for working professionals who can supplement it with their experience. Freshers are not advisable to go for distance learning program.
  4. Difference in the method: The curriculum in both are the same, the only difference is the mode of teaching and method of learning. In regular degree, a person can learn the subject with the expertise professors and lectures face to face and ask doubts. In distance the self instruction material is given and they have to read, understand and make notes as per their understanding.  Some institutes do provide weekend classes or online classes for the distance learners and they have gone extra mile to make it equivalent to regular degree.
  5. Personality development: The personality development programs are held in regular MBA degrees and that again is not provided in distance learning. However, they do have a subject on personality development and as mentioned earlier, distance is all about self learning technique. SO everything is theoretical and you have to implement practically.


So, there is no much difference these days between regular and distance. It totally depends upon how you mould yourself. Almost all the reputed universities these days have gone that extra mile to provide the best education system to the students whether through regular or distance.




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