Crime in the city

It has been declared that all the major cities will have CCTV cameras installed to minimize the crime in the country, but what about small cities? Major felons come from these cities and major crimes are committed there. Who will have a check on those crimes?

The criminals should have a fear of the system, the police force and unless that fear is not there, criminals will roam freely in the cities in disguise. The recent incident of The ATM attack in Bangalore, there was a CCTV camera in the ATM and the culprit was clearly visible, but still it’s been over a month and the police could not reach and capture him. Though he was seen many a times post the incident in the CCTV cameras, but he is smarter than the whole police force I guess. Just wear a monkey cap and cover your face and wear gloves and you can commit innumerable crimes and you will not be caught. That is the mindset of the criminals and with the weak system they are getting smarter and powerful day by day.

What happened to the Nirbhaya case, the bus was going round and round in one place and the CCTV Cameras could see it, but no officials even got a slightest doubt about it and a poor soul was tortured to the core. Only after the felony, they got alert and started searching for the proof. So this shows how lax the police and the system is when it comes to crimes. And only when a higher official gets involved, they start the police enquiry. The news channels telecast the news for some time, they rant, they squeal and then they calm down. There has to be a way to thwart the crime in the city and that can be done only when we espouse for each other. The police force is run by the so called “politicians” and that is one reason no action is taken.

The cliché is that the police don’t do its work, but one also has to understand that the criminal can go to any extreme to commit a crime and still go untraceable. I would here again take an example of the ATM attack case. The Government has initiated a biggest manhunt to find this criminal and put him behind bars. They have spread around 2000 police force to peruse every lane, every house and every city in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This is a great step taken and we appreciate their move, but all their hard work has gone down the drain and there is still no trace of the criminal so far. I wonder what the criminal is up to.

Having said that, we can’t sit back and suggest what is necessary and what is not necessary to curb the crime in the city. We have to stand united to fight against these crimes and bring the culprit behind the bars and bring justice to the victim.


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